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What LeBron James, Michael Jordan do exactly the same, per Tyronn Lue

LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Tyronn Lue, Lakers, Bulls

LA Clippers coach Tyronn Lue already has quite the impressive resume to his NBA career. Not only was he a two-time NBA Champion, but he got to play alongside Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and coach LeBron James from a few years. Now having to game plan against the Lakers, Lue has been a part of both sides when it comes to James.

On Friday, Lue was asked about the similarities or differences in LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

“[They’re] the same,” Tyronn Lue said. “They both wanted to win and would do anything it took to win. I thought they did a great job, both of those guys did a great job just to galvanize the team and bringing everyone together, making everyone feel a part of it.”

The Last Dance, which was released this past summer, showed exactly the kind of person and player Michael Jordan was as he pursued greatness through NBA championships. The documentary provided an inside look from a world before the social media age. Jordan persevered and won championships with the Chicago Bulls despite years of regular season and playoff failures.

LeBron James’ career took a much different path as he learned to become a winner in Miami after falling short for years in Cleveland.

“You would think when you are dealing with guys that are sometimes bigger than the game, you would think that they would kind of just stay to themselves and do their own thing, but they were very great at just bringing everybody in and making everybody feel a part of it.”

James is pursuing his fifth NBA Championship this season, which would bring him to within one of Jordan. Ty Lue and his Clippers, however, are looking to prevent James from securing that fifth title and instead win the franchise’s first NBA title themselves.