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What Michael Jordan needs to do to make Hornets a title contender

Hornets, Michael Jordan

Over the past couple of seasons, Michael Jordan has built the Charlotte Hornets the right way. Drafting the right pieces and signing veteran free agents, Jordan has done a good job spending money only when needed, except when he fumbled the bag on Nic Batum.

Outside of that, adding LaMelo Ball from the draft could be one of the best moves the Charlotte Hornets ever made. Signing Gordon Hayward and nabbing Terry Rozier in a sign and trade were awesome moves for the franchise as well. It accelerated their growth, but they aren’t ready to compete for a title yet. However, their team owner, Michael Jordan, can help speed up the process even more.

The Hornets have a good blend of talent on the roster to potentially compete for a playoff spot.

The Eastern Conference is getting tougher every year, but the Hornets are in the thick of the competition. If they really want to be a consistent face in the playoff hunt, they need to cash out on big name free agents.

It doesn’t have to be a superstar type of talent; just a few big names can move the needle and help the Hornets morph into a contender. Jordan knows a thing or six about what it takes to win a championship.

Jordan’s Bulls teams had several key guys outside of Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman that helped the Bulls get to the top of the hill. From Horace Grant and John Paxson, to Steve Kerr and Toni Kukoc, role players are essential for a team’s success. Don’t get it twisted, that doesn’t mean the Hornets should throw cash at random specialists. They just need to pursue the players that can help their team grow day by day.

This is similar to how the Hornets signed Miles Plumlee and Kelly Oubre in free agency. Both players are established veterans who should have major impacts on the young core. They just need to follow the same blueprint next season. See what the market looks like and what possible stars might be available. If there are none that peak their interest, sign the right guys that fit around Ball.

If you can sign a star, great. The Hornets aren’t exactly a hot destination for big name free agents, so being a realist is best for Michael Jordan and Company. The young core seems to be developing well and more prospects will be added to it year by year. As that happens, maybe then it will be somewhere stars want to play because of the free flowing style they play. Jordan has done a good job piecing things together slowly but surely.

MJ just has to make sure to remain patient and continue to build in silence with the Hornets.