Actor Daniel Radcliffe has none of it when it comes to watching epics like Sopranos, Breaking Bad, or other hour-long series. Instead, he’s likelier to tune in to Housewives, 90 Day Fiance, or The Simpsons.

Considering his roles, you would think the star would be accustomed to watching more dramatic shows. But he opened up in a recent interview with Comic Book Resources that he prefers more lighthearted programs that don’t require sitting for long periods—like reality and cartoons.

That said, he’s no stranger to the animated life, considering he’s had guest spots on BoJack Horseman, Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, Robot Chicken, and Rick and Morty. Additionally, he voices King Jeremy Fitzhogg as a frequent character in Mulligan, which streams on Netflix.

Daniel Radcliffe gets honest about what he prefers to watch

His fascination with animation stems from childhood, as a massive Simpsons fan, and more.

“Honestly, I watch cartoons, and I watch reality TV,” the Harry Potter star said. “I’ve never seen Breaking Bad. I’ve never watched The Sopranos or The Wire. All the sort of heavy hour-long stuff. Just, I can’t…I think it does probably in part stem from growing up on The Simpsons in the way that I think so many people of our generation’s kids. I was watching Jeopardy! the other night, and one of the contestants credited a ton of his trivia knowledge to The Simpsons. That’s absolutely true of me as well. There are so many weird facts, and things from my general knowledge of the world to my sense of humor were formed in some way by The Simpsons.”

He also discussed how much of a fantastic he is of BoJack Horseman and how some humor and edginess can be done with a show like The Simpsons.

“I think a lot of BoJack Horseman would be just too f—–g bleak and sad if it wasn’t a talking horse,” the actor added. “The classic example is Homer strangling Bart in The Simpsons. In a live-action [series], that’s just like a horrendous act of child abuse that there’s nothing funny about whatsoever, whereas it’s a running gag in The Simpsons, and it’s funny because of what Bart’s neck does.”

Additionally, he said, “It makes sense that our generation of people that have grown up on The Simpsons would want to continue watching more adult-themed cartoons when they get older.”

Check out Daniel Radcliffe as King Jeremy Gitzhoff, a regular recurring character in Mulligan. The animated feature is about what happens after an alien attack destroys Earth and what humanity can do to start over.All the survivors try to work together to restore what they once were. It stars Nat Faxon, Chrissy Teigen, Tina Fey, Sam Richardson, Dana Carvey, and Phil LaMarr.

Mulligan is now streaming on Netflix.