Spurs star rookie Victor Wembanyama seems like a call back to a previous era of Spurs basketball. Last year's top draft pick isn't one for flash, seemingly enjoying the simplicities of life. Per the San Antonio Express, Wembanyama is a voracious reader that is always carrying a book.

“On the plane, before games, he’s carrying a book. You might catch him going to the bus with a book in his hand,” says teammate Julian Champagnie in the article.

Wembanyama himself detailed his love for reading in the piece, saying, “I'm saying before elementary school, this is when I started reading books basically. I read a lot during my whole elementary school, but I read less and less in middle school, and then I started again in high school…It's just something I love to do.”

Additionally, it was discovered that the rookie from the Spurs follows a strict sleep regimen, as reported by Mike Monroe of The Athletic. Staff members of the Spurs are instructed not to call him at his residence after 9:30 p.m., as stated by Jordan Howenstine, the director of basketball communications for the Spurs.

“That’s when he reads for an hour. Then he goes to sleep,” Howenstine said.

Now, another aspect can be added to Victor Wembanyama's remarkable story of normalcy according to JJ Redick. Redick joined Carmelo Anthony's podcast with The Kid Mero 7 PM in Brooklyn and told a story about Wembanyama that also includes superstar rapper Drake.

“The stories I heard coming out of the Spurs camp—like even early in the season—where he was getting asked, like there was a Drake concert in Austin, and he got asked to come up on stage. Because Drake was doing that with a bunch of NBA guys this off-season, and Wemby was like, ‘Can my teammates come up on stage with me because they're going to be at the concert with me?' And Drake's Camp was like, ‘No,' and he's like, ‘Then I don't want to do it.' What 19-year-old kid doesn't want to go up on stage with Drake? There's been anomalies for star players in that they have been low maintenance. I was a role player, and I’d describe myself as somewhat low-maintenance. There’s like Steph, and there’s like Tim Duncan; Wemby’s one of those guys.”

A star basketball player declining an invitation to be brought on stage with Drake, a world-renowned musical artist, is certainly not typical. That same star declining the invitation because he wanted his teammates to be on stage with him is even more atypical. But, that appears to be the type of man that Victor Wembanyama is. And it checks out per previous observations of hs behavior and other facts.


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It seems that a Drake concert did happen in Austin, Texas. Rolling Stone even posted a picture of Drake meeting Wembanyama, who was clearly dwarfed by his towering presence.Wembanyama seems to be a nod to legends like Tim Duncan and David Robinson, Hall-of-Fame big men known for their unflashy, selfless play both on and off the court. For Spurs fans, this signals the promise of greatness ahead.