Wizards news: Dwight Howard on Washington's slump: ‘Nobody’s gonna remember November'
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Wizards’ Dwight Howard on Washington’s slump: ‘Nobody’s gonna remember November’

Dwight Howard

The Washington Wizards started off with a 1-7 record. They are now 4-9 but Dwight Howard opted to forget about the past.

As per Adam Zielonka of The Washington Times, Howard said that he’s just happy that they’re playing better now and shared his motto:

“I’m just happy to be playing again and I know we’re gonna be a lot better than we started the season,” Howard said. “I got a little motto going. It’s called, ‘Nobody’s gonna remember November.’”

Right now, the Wizards are riding a two-game winning streak. In their latest win over the Orlando Magic, Howard himself scored 17 points and eight rebounds. It’s been a relatively good November for them so far and so head coach Scott Brooks commented on Howard’s motto:

“That’s interesting, but we still got some games in November. I want to make sure that we remember that,” Brooks quipped.

Over the past five seasons, the Wizards have made it to the playoffs four times. They’re considered one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference but they haven’t really found significant success in the postseason.

Their acquisition of Howard over the summer is a step to bolster their playoff chances. Time will only tell if Howard is an asset or a liability to the team.