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Dwight Howard is still interested in wearing No. 12 despite Kelly Oubre owning it

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard has worn the number 12 at every stop of his career other than with the Atlanta Hawks where he wore No. 8. Apparently, Howard still wants to wear his familiar No. 12 as he suits up for the Washington Wizards. According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Howard is jealous of the Wizards’ Kelly Oubre for having the number in his possession.

“Y’all gotta tell Kelly, man, I need that No. 12, or it’s going to be 21 or 8,” Howard said during his Instagram Live session. “I’m trying to get [Rivers’s] No. 1 man, but y’all ain’t help your boy out. Don’t give me no crazy numbers. It’s either 8, 21, or No. 1.”

Perhaps if Howard really wants No. 12, he can try and work out some kind of deal with Oubre. It’s worth a shot, but not all that likely. The veteran may be able to convince the younger Oubre to part with the number.

But if not, his other options aren’t bad either. No. 8 and No. 21 are solid numbers that Howard seems like he would have no problem wearing. But he definitely doesn’t want the Wizards to give him some random number that will make him look like a scrub.

Basically, Howard is looking for a lower number. Not something in the 40s, 50s, or 60s.

It’s really a silly thing, but players still do care about what numbers they don. It’s something that all fans can relate to. Everyone remembers playing as a kid and the anticipation felt on the day jerseys were handed out. No one wanted to get stuck with a bad number for a whole season.

Howard may be in the NBA, but the jersey anticipation has not changed.