I was honestly today years old when I learned that Jaren Jackson Jr. and Jordan Poole were actually teammates in high school. Apparently, both stars went to La Lumiere Prep in Indiana, where naturally, they teamed up to form one of the most feared high school teams of their generation.

As it turns out, Poole wasn't even a starter back then. Speaking on a recent episode of Podcast P with Paul George presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment, Jackson opened up about how explosive the newly-acquired Washington Wizards star was even as a young high-schooler. JJJ described how Poole provided instant offense off the bench many years ago:

“We'd sub him in and be like, ‘Alright we're not blowing this team out by enough,'” Jackson said. “We had a little play for him to get a thre, it worked every time man. He just cashed out, make five in a row (and) the game's over. … Yeah, microwave. That microwave badge.”

No wonder Jordan Poole was so comfortable coming off the bench for the Golden State Warriors. Just like he did in high school, Poole just has a knack for providing a massive boost for the second unit. The 24-year-old thrived in this role with the Dubs, and he's become an NBA champion because of the same.

Poole will not be coming off the bench with his new team, though. In fact, the Wizards are expected to have a long look at Jordan Poole as their potential cornerstone star. Based on what we've seen from him thus far, it seems like this is going to be the perfect opportunity for Poole.