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Video: Wizards’ Bradley Beal somehow got away with blatant travel vs. Pistons

Bradley Beal

Washington Wizards star guard Bradley Beal has proven once again that either NBA referees are blind or traveling is now legal in the league.

Check out Beal’s blatant traveling violation against the Detroit Pistons. Everyone — Pistons players and audience members — reacted to Beal’s carry. The referees, the ones expected to have the sharpest eye in the arena, let the play go on as if nothing happened.

No matter which angle you view it, Beal definitely carried the ball. What made matters worse was that the Pistons were called for a pushing foul.

NBA referees have been under the microscope as of late. Back in the day, it seems that only coaches have the right to lash out their complaints on the referees. But in this day and age, where everyone has access to instant replay, it’s all fair game.

Who could forget Durant’s epic save while both feet were clearly out of bounds? The best part about it is that his save led to a perimeter shot by Curry. Take note that the game was in overtime with 30 seconds left.

And perhaps the play which sums everything up, at least with regard to the failure in officiating, is James Harden’s double-step back three which led to a shooting foul.

There are many more plays to choose from. But honestly, do we really need more proof that NBA officials need to open their eyes a bit more?