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MLB players, fans react on Blake Snell being pulled out of Game 6 after hot start

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The Los Angeles Dodgers faced off against the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night in Game 6 of the World Series with a chance to win the team’s first Fall Classic since 1988.

The game was tight early, with the Rays’ starting pitcher Blake Snell only allowing two hits and making nine strikeouts in the first four innings.

However, Rays manager Kevin Cash opted to remove Snell (who was only sitting at 70 pitches thrown when he was pulled).

As expected, this puzzling move in the World Series set the internet ablaze, as a wide variety of sports luminaries reacted with shock, surprise and consternation.

Masterful pundit Stephen A. Smith responded with a two-tweet thread stating:

“Why in the Hell would Kevin Cash take Snell out of this game at that point, just because he gave up 1 hit??? Why? Why? Why? I mean… I want the Dodger to win a WS finally, but damn,” and then:

“So let me get this straight: Rays manager Cash took out Snell, a lefty, vs Betts — who batted .218 vs lefties — to bring in a R-Hander who’s given up runs in 6-straight postseason appearances? Sound like the Manager dropped the proverbial ball on this one.”

Stephen A. seemed to have his pulse on how most people felt about the move in the World Series, as these tweets convey:

As you can see, all manner of folks agreed with Stephen A. about pulling Blake Snell, including fellow MLB pitcher Noah Syndergaard, college hoops legend Dick Vitale and MVP NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The Rays immediately gave up the lead when Snell left the game, so the early returns for that World Series decision were not great.