For the second time this month, WWE is taking the show to Peacock for another Premium Live Event, presenting fans with King and Queen of the Ring live from Saudi Arabia from an early house for stateside fans.

Soon, fans will see who will reign over the main roster as the King and Queen of the Ring and which champions are able to return to the States with their title reigns intact, as four belts are currently on the line if you include the pre-show.

And the best part? It will all be over before dinner time, so fans can still enjoy their Memorial Weekend Saturday without being up late watching wrestling.

With all six matches on the show holding considerable weight over the future of the WWE Universe, it's safe to say fans will be talking about the implications of King and Queen of the Ring for a very long time.

6. Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair retain on the pre-show.

Technically, this is a sixth prediction, but technically, this is a match on the pre-show, not the main PLE card. Is that cheating? Sure, for both parties, actually, but hey, whether this match was booked on the pre-show, the main event, or on the SmackDown the day before, the results would be exactly the same: the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions retain, and the duo of Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill get an easy win over The Way, Candice LeRay and Indi Hartwell.

5. Sami Zayn pins Bronson Reed, not Chad Gable, to retain the IC Title.

On paper, making Sami Zayn's match with Chad Gable for the Intercontinental Championship into a triple threat should theoretically make it harder for the “Underdog from the Underground” to retain his strap in Saudi Arabia, but in actuality, the addition of Bronson Reed to the match actually makes things exponentially easier from a booking standpoint.

Why? Simple: Gable doesn't have to eat a pin for Zayn to retain.

That's right, as WWE continues to push the potential of Gable replacing Otis, Maxxine Dupri, and Akira Tozawa with the Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile, the feud between the former American Alphas member and Zayn could continue to go strong should, say, the IC Title holder steals Gable's pin when Reed is dead to rights in the middle of the ring. Keep the feud going, add some intrigue heading into Money in the Bank, with Gable gunning for the IC Title over a World Championship option, and settle this once and for all in a singles match at SummerSlam after a summer full of fun faction feuding.

4. Lyra Valkyria wins Queen of the Ring.

Heading into King and Queen of the Ring weekend, Booker T declared that he would pick Lyra Valkyria to win the Queen of the Ring tournament, citing her dominance in NXT and the potential for her to earn a simple star push with the 1-2-3 of the referee.

Considering Nia Jax won a chance to represent SmackDown at the PLE, it's safe to say King Booker was right on the money, as Queen Nia just doesn't have a very nice ring to it.

Is Valkyria a household name in WWE? No, outside of the hardcore NXT fans, Valkyria is the new kid on the block most noteable for her connection to Becky Lynch, but with a Queen of the Ring win, that all could change. Factor in her relationship with Lynch and her burgeoning feud with Liv Morgan, and this one feels like a slam dunk decision.

3. Gunther wins King of the Ring

Theoretically, it would make sense if WWE split up the King and Queen of the Ring winners, with one representing RAW and the other holding court on SmackDown, but regardless of how the women's match ends up, this one should have one outcome and one outcome alone: Gunther winning.

The storyline basically writes itself; Gunther is the “Ring General,” with Imperium serving as his guard. Put a crown on his head and a cape over his shoulder and allow the masterful European heel to dominate his television time on Monday Night RAW with a newfound regality that could make him all the more over outside of his A+ matches. Factor in the guaranteed title match at SummerSlam – which Randy Orton would look great in, too – and Gunther has the potential to really establish himself as one of the top stars in the entire WWE Universe with a gimmick to complement his wrestling dominance.

2. Liv Morgan steals the Women's World Championship in Saudi Arabia

With every match on the King and Queen of the Ring card having either a title or a crown on the line, WWE could opt to have all four champions retain their belts, but considering how much money Saudi Arabia pays to bring the promotion to town a few times a year, it feels like there should be at least one major booking decision to give fans something to talk about at the office come Tuesday.

Of the four belts being defended, Becky Lynch feels the most at risk of being taken, as she was never supposed to be the champion in the first place.

If Liv Morgan wins the belt, she could still have a rematch with Lynch sure, likely at Clash at the Castle, but she could also have interesting bouts with either Jax or Valkyria at SummerSlam due to her history with both women and would be perfectly positioned to fight with Ripley when she's cleared to wrestle later this year, entering into a feud that could have legs for the rest of the year if WWE books it correctly. All in all, this feels like the right call.

1. Cody Rhodes keeps his belt in a no-contest match with Logan Paul.

Heading into King and Queen of the Ring, what has been the centerpiece of Cody Rhodes' feud with Logan Paul? Paul's reliance on brass knuckles to win his previous PLE matches.

So, how do you make that a prominent part of this match? Well, Paul could win the match with the brass knucks and force a rematch, but that feels incredibly unlikely considering how hard Rhodes worked to get the belt. WWE could also book Rhodes to win the match by using the brass knuckles himself, turning heel and setting things up for a future match with a babyface Paul, but it feels like the former wants to turn heel about as much as the latter would be accepted as a babyface, so that feels unlikely too.

No, in the end, the best call would be for Paul to either get his knucks confiscated moments before a CrossRhodes for the 1-2-3, or for the “Maverick” to wield the knucks, get challenged by the referee, and still deck the “American Nightmare” in the face, leading to a DQ finish and a lasting image of Paul holding Rhodes' belt ahead of another match at SummerSlam.

If WWE wants to make this into a one-off bout then sure, give Rhodes a clean win, but there are so many ways the promotion could expand this into something more and they would be wise to do so, as the hype has the potential to drive ratings into the summer.