After taking care of Grayson Waller in the main event of RAW, dispatching both members of “A-Town Down Under” with relative ease in front of a sold-out San Jose crowd two days removed from a very interesting edition of The Grayson Waller Effect at the Elimination Chamber, Cody Rhodes stood victorious in the middle of the ring, eager to celebrate his accomplishments with a very receptive crowd.

Unfortunately, that moment was fleeting, as after his presence was pointed out by Michael Cole and Pat McAfee on commentary, Paul Heyman emerged from the back alongside three security personnel in order to send a message to Dusty's kid ahead of WrestleMania 40 about his Elimination Chamber call-out of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“Ladies and… it figures you'd boo ladies in San Josie, California. You're ruining my schtick,” Paul Heyman told the RAW crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.”

“I don't give a d**n what your name is,” Cody Rhodes boldly declared. “If this is a Bloodline summit, I'll be over here; come and get me!”

Amused by the fire from the “American Nightmare” fresh off of a win over Grayson Waller, Heyman asked everyone to calm down, as he had plenty to say to the fine folks in California.

“Everybody calm down, this is not a Bloodline s… the only member of The Bloodline here tonight is me. Do you see a drop of Polynesian blood anywhere in this lineup? Rhetorical question, the answer is no. These gentlemen are my friends from the NYPD. They are off-duty officers, well, technically, they're not all off-duty, they're all suspended, but that's a different story, and I digress. I schlept out here all the way out to California tonight to let you know no one is asking for an apology; I understand how insulting it must be to get Will Smith-ed across the face, I understand that, but you need to take The Rock's name out of your freakin' mouth. Because my ‘Tribal Chief,' Roman Reigns, has authorized me to let you know if you back away from this challenge,” Heyman noted.

“You know, you don't just come out here and say you want a match with The Rock – well, it happens that way if you are the Rock and you want a match with Roman Reigns, but you screwed that all but for us didn't you? A year ago, we were in the ring crying together ‘I forgive you' but The Rock won't, and understanding that you're the main event of WrestleMania against the ‘Tribal Chief' Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Title, I'm asking you, I'm pleading with you, I'm begging with you, please Cody, please, pretty please with a cherry on top, please withdraw this challenge from The Rock… or else.”

Whoa, or else you say? Whatever could Heyman mean? Well, Rhodes was eager to find out, too, and needless to say, he had a response to everything Paul “E” Dangerously brought to the table.

Cody Rhodes isn't playing the passive game with Paul Heyman.

Amused by Paul Heyman's comments, Cody Rhodes fired back, letting the ECW legend know that he isn't going to be intimidated by the “Wise Man” as he looks to secure the best possible conditions for his clients in The Bloodline.

“Or else? Or else what, Mr. Heyman?” Cody Rhodes asked. “You wanna know why I haven't reigned holy terror on this microphone on your new boy Dwayne? You wanna know why I haven't trashed him in the media? It's simple: myself, like almost everyone here tonight, we were fans of The Rock. How could you not be? Put yourself in my shoes. I come from a family that every meal is determined by tickets sold, and nobody sold more tickets than The Rock, but I am done! I am absolutely fed up with being nice! If it's a Bloodline setup, like I said, come and get me.”

Surrounded by a collection of “off-duty officers” who wanted nothing more than to the American Nightmare hard, Rhodes fought the trio off one by one until no one was left by himself and Heyman, who was attempting to call both Reigns and Rock with a pair of cell phones.

“Go ahead, Mr. Heyman, call them!” Rhodes demanded. “Because The Bloodline isn't hunting me. I'm hunting The Bloodline!”

With roughly 40 days left until the opening bell at WrestleMania 40, Rhodes has plenty of time to play into this new “Bloodline Hunter” character, beating up on Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso, and anyone else who gets between him and his ultimate goal. If that includes a singles match with The Rock, well, let's hope WWE is ready for a nuclear rating, as such a match might literally break the Nielsen ratings system based on the heat surrounding this angle.