Johnny Gargano has been a member of the WWE universe since 2016, when he reported to NXT after a decade on the indies wrestling for everyone from PWG to Dragon Gate and even Evolve, which served as a developmental system for The Fed for a few years. And yet, Johnny Wrestling's relationship with one of the top stars in the promotion's history, Edge, dates back even further, all the way back to his time in high school back in Lakewood, Ohio.

Congratulating Edge on 25 fantastic years in the WWE Universe as part of a WWE social media special, Gargano explains how his relationship with the “Rated-R Superstar” has come full circle over the years.

“The first time I met Edge was actually in high school,” Gargano shared. “I went to a book signing at a local bookstore when he was doing his book tour, and I have a picture of that. I have a picture of a very young Johnny Gargano meeting Edge, and now I have his number in my phone as an adult, and I can text him and ask for advice and things like that.”

Goodness, could you even imagine how incredible Gargano must have felt when he first got Edge's phone number, and just how gosh darn old Edge must have felt when he saw that picture? Then again, when you've been wrestling for WWE through four different presidential administrations, even if he was missing the second Obama administration and almost all of the Trump administration, what can you really expect?