What is Karl Anderson‘s legacy in professional wrestling? Will he be remembered for the G1 Climax in 2012? For being one of the few modern WWE wrestlers who worked a match in New Japan while still under contract? Or will it be for taking part in The Undertaker's final bout, the Boneyard March?

Asked this question by Ryan Satin on Out Of Character, Anderson admitted that it's probably his spot as an OG member of the Bullet Club, but he hopes that he can add to that legacy in the not-too-distant future too.

“Yeah, probably. You know, I think most people think of me as a Bullet Club guy probably, probably forever,” Karl Anderson told Ryan Satin. “But you know, WrestleMania week, we didn't have anything going on or much going on, but we still went to Staple's Center or what's it called – the Crypto.com Arena – but as we were walking up, there was probably, let's just say, there was a couple hundred fans outside the arena and all of a sudden, they started screaming, ‘There's Gallows and Anderson.' They didn't scream Bullet Club, they were screaming, there's The OC, and that caught us off guard because we don't; we aren't referred to that often, even though I know the WWE World knows us as that. It's just that caught us off guard, so for now, I think Bullet Club will be, but we'd like to turn The OC, especially this year, into something that can be special.”

In professional wrestling, it's hard to establish a lasting legacy. Even the greatest champions come and go, and outside of the truly spectacular ones, few have the lasting power to really transcend their career in order to be remembered in perpetuity. By helping to form the Bullet Club and serving as one of the group's longest-lasting members, the “Machine Gun” has done what few have been able to do before him. Now, let's see if he can do it twice.

Karl Anderson believes Mia Yim is a perfect member addition to The OC.

Elsewhere on Out Of Character, Karl Anderson discussed Mia Yim and how she fit into The OC alongside Luke Gallows and AJ Styles.

Though Anderson never worked with Yim prior to joining the group other than in passing, the idea of adding a Chyna-style enforcer to what The OC was trying to do made nothing but sense, especially with other factions like The Judgment Day following a similar formula.

“I always thought Mia looks great. She is a good wrestler. She's done her thing, she's been around, but we never talked. It was just like a quick hello and you know, never hung out. Didn't know her well. Like, yeah, she's gonna be in the OC and we were all kind of like, ‘Well, I mean, okay. I don't know how it's gonna work.' Now that we've been around her, it's like, dude, how did we miss this because she's such a good sister. Not to be a pawn or whatever, but she really is. She's so cool. She fits in so well. She's so easy to work with. I think she's got such an upside. I mean, there's so much there that hasn't even been, like lately, especially with the OC now. There's so much to it with AJ just now coming back. There's so much that we can finally start doing. It's like we all are just kind of itching, like, let's get us rockin’,” Anderson said via Wrestling News.

“She's the equalizer of the group. I think she adds such a cool element because everyone's AJ Styles. They've seen the Good Brothers with AJ. They know what we have and it just adds another really cool element with her. She really is so cool and she's so nice and she's got like this visual charisma that the WWE really hasn't got a chance to see. She was in NXT before and I think her only chance up on RAW before was with that group where she had a mask on or something. I think it's good that she can be herself now and like I said, we're itching to get The OC moving.”

So, Satin asked the question many fans wanted to know: is Yim actually a member of the Bullet Club, or is she simply a member of The OC? While “Bright Lights” isn't David Finlay, or even “Switchblade” Jay White for that matter, he felt pretty confident in answering that question definitively once and for all.

“100 percent, 100 percent, all the way down. She fits in perfectly with the whole vibe of what the Bullet Club was built on.”

Welp, there you go, folks; Bullet Club has officially added a rare active female wrestler, even if she doesn't wrestle under the moniker in WWE.