The first segment of Monday night's edition of Raw started out so well. Cody Rhodes entered the ring, the WWE universe celebrated his fantastic match at Hell in a Cell, and all looked right in the world, save, of course, the pec injury that will send Dusty's son under the knife on Thursday.

Consider this is wrestling, a sport of gentlemen, that was that, right? Two performers at the top of their game appreciating each other for their shared place in the fraternity of professional wrestling?

Well, it certainly looked like that… at least until Rollins ran back out of the tunnel and attacked Rhodes with a sledgehammer; the very weapon Rhodes used to destroy a replica of Triple H's thrown at the start of AEW. Rollins knocked Rhodes to the ground, got in a few hits, and was then run off by about a dozen security guards looking to maintain order in the arena.

The results? Rhodes is still hurt, an injury that could reportedly keep him out of the ring for the next six months. And Rollins? Well, he remains one of the top heels in WWE and silenced any idea of a face turn with RAW's top babyface heading to surgery later this week.

So what gives? Is this feud going to continue despite one of its members having a pec torn off the bone? Or does Vince McMahon and company have something else up their collective sleeves from a booking standpoint? Hopefully more will be revealed in the not-too-distant future.