Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, and after watching Jimmy Uso attempt to field a Bloodline coup on the first episode of SmackDown post-Night of Champions – on Roman Reigns' 1000th day as Champion celebration day, no less – he had something to say to the entire WWE Universe on RAW, even if he was really speaking to an audience of one.

“I cordially invite you to join me this Friday night, when a family drama plays out in front of your very eyes when Jey Uso makes his historic choice. You know, as the ‘Wiseman,’ I’m tasked at times to deliver unpleasant news. No matter how bad that news is, I have to deliver it even if I have to deliver it to your Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. This is one of those times,” Heyman said.

“The news is not pleasant. The news will rip apart the entire Anoa’i–Fatu dynasty, because this Friday, Jey Uso will make his choice, and Jey Uso will choose and stand by his brother, Solo. You can share a womb with your twin, Jimmy, but you’ll never be closer in life to him than you are to your Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, and this Friday, live on SmackDown, Jey Uso will, Jey Uso will acknowledge that fact. You can share a womb with your twin Jimmy, but you’ll never be closer in life to him than you are to your ‘Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns. This Friday, live on SmackDown, Jey Uso will acknowledge that fact… or else.”

Goodness gracious, the drama; so much drama.

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Now to Jimmy’s credit, he really did try to keep The Bloodline together, even if he wanted the group to operate more like The Avengers – a union of equals – instead of a fear state where everyone answers to one supreme leader Star Wars-style. While Reigns obviously didn't get down with this idea, as his absolute power has corrupted him absolutely, the idea of which side Jey will stick with, be that with his brother Jimmy on the unincorporated ex-Bloodline side of the Anoa’i–Fatu divide, or alongside his other brother Solo Sikoa, his “Wiseman,” and his “Tribal Chief,” plus presumably his father Rikishi and the rest of the elders? Only time will tell, but as Heyman pointed out in his comments, the entire WWE Universe will be waiting to see what Jey does next, as his decision could define the next and maybe final chapter of The Bloodline. 

FYI: Jimmy and Jey Uso have never wrestled each other in WWE or any promotion for that matter, according to Cagematch; do with that information what you will.

Roman Reigns explains how his partnership with Paul Heyman began.

Though it feels like ancient history now, as the duo have been working together hand in glove since Roman Reigns officially became the “Tribal Chief” and Universal Champion in 2020, there was a time when Paul Heyman standing by the “Head of the Table's” side was genuinely surprising.

Discussing how the partnership came together on the Impaulsive Podcast, ironically enough, in the same episode that spurred on the main event of Crown Jewel, Reigns explained how his alignment with Heyman came into being.

*Spoiler alert* it was a marriage of convenience, as opposed to some incredible backroom dealing or secret connection.

“Brock (Lesnar) was in between contracts so Paul (Heyman) was kind of wide open, and it just fit, you know? He had that open creatively. He was still just working behind the scenes from a creative standpoint and then once it opened up,” Reigns said via TJR.

“I mean when you’re working with someone like Brock for as long as he did with the success that they had, you need to have something that’s legitimate come through to make that move and I think I was the only one that he wanted to work with, otherwise, I think he would just stay kind of plugged in and be helping from an overall directive standpoint.

“Once he knew, oh, I’m gonna be with Joe (Roman Reigns), it’s all good. I’m going to be with Roman, it’s all good, then we knew it was on.”

Would the “Tribal Chief” have worked out as well without Heyman riding shotgun? Would Reigns have found a new manager, or elevated a performer like Solo Sikoa to be his muscle earlier on? Or was Heyman an integral part of the storyline that even hardcore fans may not notice? Either way, it's a good thing Heyman and Reigns are working together no, as it's hard to imagine either side of The Bloodline's coin being better off without the other.