After watching Paul “Triple H” Levesque introduce a new golden strap to celebrate 1,000 days of Roman Reigns as the Universal Champion, the “Tribal Chief” accepted a microphone from WWE's CCO in order to demand acknowledgment from the assembled fans in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and from across the professional wrestling universe alongside the “Street Champ” Solo Sikoa and “The Wiseman” Paul Heyman.

What he didn't expect to see, at least outwardly, was The Usos to emerge from the back to challenge his reign. Still sore – literally – from Jimmy's betrayal at Night of Champions, Reigns demanded his nephew Jey kick his brother in the face to show him what happens when you step out of line with The Bloodline.

“Kick him in the face,” Reigns commanded of Jey. “I'm not going to say it again, kick him in the face and fix this right now!”

“The only thing that needs fixing is you,” Jimmy responded. “Jey can't fix this, I'm the one who kicked you in the face, remember? The kick heard worldwide; that was me. And I did what I did in Saudi not because I want to be the ‘Tribal Chief,' not to lead The Bloodline; I did what I did because I was being a brother. And brothers treat brothers with love and respect, and lately, you haven't been much of a good brother.

“What kind of brother manipulates? What kind of brother betrays? What kind of brother hurts and beats down his own family? What kind of brother does that, Uce? You have gone crazy. Crazy. This right here? This is my brother; it's embedded in me to protect. And him? That's by brother, and I'm going to protect you. And I'm telling you, Solo, after he gets done using you, he's going to abuse you, manipulate you, betray you, use you to your fullest, kick you to your side, and put you in the dirt like he always do. I'm your brother!”

After Reigns demanded that Sikoa should declare for himself where his allegiances lie, the “Enforcer of The Bloodline” accepted a microphone and did just that.

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“I acknowledge you, my Tribal Chief,” Solo Sikoa said. “The these two right here, they're my brothers.”

Oh snap, there you go, folks; The Bloodline is dead, and Reigns is a “Tribal Chief” without a tribe… or is he? That's right, just when it looked like Jimmy's plan had come to fruition, Reigns added one more wrinkle to the story that has the potential to make his next 1,000 days as Universal Champion all the more interesting than his first 1,000 with the strap.

Solo Sikoa's allegiances are more complicated than they appear.

After watching the crowd in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, collectively lose their collective minds over Sikoa's statement, Jimmy lifted the microphone once more to offer an ultimatum to The Tribal Chief in order to keep The Bloodline together but in a more equitable, collectivist way.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, so what's it gonna be, Uce?” Jimmy asked. “Do you wanna win run this thing together with respect? Or are you going to end up on the Island of Relevance as a Tribal Chief all by yourself?”

When Reigns attempted to protest, Jimmy slapped him right in the face, letting the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion know that he doesn't particularly care for his aggressive assertions. While Jey tried to get everyone on the same page as the crowd acknowledged their accomplishments with a well-deserved “holy s**t” chant, Jimmy prepared his final offer to his uncle.

“What are we doing, bruh?” Jimmy asked. “We're stronger together. Listen, this is my brother, Uce. This is my brother. And so are you; you've always been. We're all brothers, Uce. Let's do this together, let's have respect, let's run this d**n thing like we've been doing! Together Uce! In The Bloodline, right? We're family, right? We're still, ‘The Ones,' right?”

Seeing his authority atop the WWE card legitimately threatened in the most tangible way since 2020, Reigns threw his arms around Jimmy and gave him a hug – showing his acting skills as he attempted to roll a tear down his cheek.

“No,” Reigns said over Jimmy's shoulder.

Releasing the hug as his nephew looked on in total surprise, Jimmy ate a Samoan Spike from his youngest brother in the throat and promptly dropped to the floor, with Jey Uso huddling over his brother as the rest of his faction walked out of the ring toward the ramp.

Turning back to the crowd as the show prepared to go off the air, Paul Heyman asked Reigns what's to be made of Jey now that Jimmy has, to paraphrase Michael Cole on commentary, been excommunicated from The Bloodline, “The Tribal Chief” made it simple.

“Jey's going to do what he always does; he'll fall in line.”

Now this was drama. This was sports entertainment. This, WWE fans, was wrestling.