After besting The Miz in a surprisingly hard-hitting match on RAW, Ricochet has officially punched his ticket to Money in the Bank, where he will take part in the show's eponymous Ladder Match alongside Shinsuke Nakamura and four other Superstars to be decided over the next few weeks.

Stopping by RAW Talk to discuss his win and the path ahead of him, Ricochet was asked by Byron Saxton what the match meant to him and let it be known that he's looking forward to Money in the Bank now that he's back to working as a singles star.

“You know, it means everything, but I’m pretty sure everyone is aware of what it means to be in the Money in the Bank Ladder match. I’m pretty sure everybody is aware the severity of what it means to hold that beautiful green suitcase, briefcase, whatever you wanna call it,” Ricochet said.

“And tonight, I mean, as annoying as he may be, and he’s very annoying, I defeated The Miz, who is a two-time Grand Slam Champion, which includes being a two-time Money in the Bank winner with two successful cash-ins. So tonight, beating The Miz, it just, it sets me up for a future that I can see. It sets me up to do something, to give the people something to look forward to, something to smile about. So right now, how am I feeling? I’m feeling pretty good. And now, I’m going to use this, I’m gonna take all this momentum, and I’m looking forward to Money in the Bank.”

With Braun Strowman reportedly out for the foreseeable future with an injury, Ricochet needs to find a new way to remain relevant moving forward. Winning the Money in the Bank briefcase would certainly accomplish that goal in spades.