Seth Rollins is a lot of things to the WWE Universe; he's a “Visionary,” he's a “Revolutionary,” he's the workhorse World Heavyweight Champion with two successful television title defense this month alone, and he's somehow become the top babyface in the company despite Paul “Triple H” Levesque and company pushing Cody Rhodes to fill that spot since January.

But outside of the WWE, Rollins will soon have to add “major motion picture actor” to his long list of accolades, as before he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia, “The Architect” was in Atlanta filming scenes for the new Captain America movie.

Asked about his experience and potential role in the film in an interview with Alex McCarthy of the Daily Mail, Rollins acknowledge that he couldn't talk too much about his role, but he appreciated the opportunity to take chances outside of the ring.

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“I am sworn to a certain level of secrecy, so I can't divulge too much information on that. What I will say in response to your question is that it is cool, it's cool to get opportunities to do something outside of your comfort zone. This is what I love, WWE, professional wrestling, it's all I've ever wanted to do and all I ever intend to do as a career for as long as I can, but anytime you get to a certain level in this industry there's going to be opportunities that come your way and I love taking chances at this point in my career,” Seth Rollins said via Fightful. “I mean, you can tell with the fashion sensibility I have become known for over the last few years, that I love taking chances! So if you get the chance to do something incredible outside of WWE, you've got to take a look at it, try and make it work the best you can because you only get one life and one chance, and you never know when you might get an opportunity like that – so you got to make it happen.”

Though fans will have to wait roughly a year to see Rollins' Marvel debut in Captain America: Brave New World, as the film is currently slated to be released on July 26, 2024, it's cool to know that mere weeks before the “Visionary” became the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion of this current lineage, he was (probably) fighting with and/or against Falcon and company in Atlanta.

Seth Rollins discusses his future in wrestling and Hollywood.

Asked about his Hollywood ambitions moving forward, Seth Rollins explained that, while some have used wrestling to springboard their futures forward outside of the sport, he plans on being in the ring until his “bones turn to dust.”

“As I sit here right now in my wrestling school seeing people fall down behind me, I feel like I'm always going to be part of the industry in some shape of form. You look at The Rock as the example here, and he's a different beast, right? What you were seeing from John at the time, he was at the peak of his popularity in WWE at the time and it was seeing The Rock come back every year. So, The Rock wasn't just gone for a hiccup, he was gone for a year and then coming back and taking away an opportunity from someone else who had been there and grinding and all that. What John didn't see was the bigger picture and how many more eyes The Rock was going to bring to WWE, to WrestleMania and to the talent as a whole. John missed that part, and he will tell you now that he was a little nearsighted in that regard. And you saw when John Cena came back to WrestleMania this year, it wasn't to be on the marquee, it wasn't to be anything other than to be part of the show and contribute in any way that he could,” Rollins said.

“As for me, I don't know where my future lies. I feel, like I said, at this moment, wrestling is my future for as long as I can do it at a high level. But there's going to come a day when falling down is going to turn my bones to dust, and I will have to start looking elsewhere and seeing what other options there are. I don't think that's coming any time soon, and I'm just in the prime of my career right now, and there's a lot of years ahead of me.”

On paper, if Rollins retired tomorrow, his place in the WWE Hall of Fame would be all but guaranteed, as he's accomplished more in 10 years on the main roster than the vast majority of the promotion's signees could even dream of. Still, just because he's a lock for the annals of professional wrestling history doesn't mean he can't continue to build on that legacy and provide the sport with even more fantastic moments moving forward. Considering graduates of his Black and Brave Wrestling Academy are already winning championships of their own in the promotion, as Nathan Frazer proved in NXT this month, it's clear the “Architect's” fingerprints will be on professional wrestling for a very long time.