Zelina Vega has been a member of the WWE Universe since all the way back in 2018, and yet, she's never once won a singles championship within the promotion. Sure, she's done just about every other thing a performer can do since then, from being a manager to being a Queen, and even a tag team specialist who secured gold alongside Carmela in a throw-together pairing for four months between 2021 and 2022, but in the end, Vega has wrestled for a singles belt on the main roster twice, against Asuka on both times and has come up short on both occasions.

Fortunately for Vega, she has a chance to change her fates for the better and not only get back into the title picture but secure the SmackDown Women's Championship with a win over Rhea Ripley; a match that was made official on SmackDown. Discussing the prospects of not only wrestling for the championship but wrestling in her Puerto Rico in front of her friends and family on the SmackDown LowDown with Megan Morant, Vega let it be known that she's ready for the moment.

“Oh my god, it’s music to my ears, really,” Vega noted. “The word excited doesn’t even begin to describe it. As I said before, I’m the only female Puerto Rican on the roster, so I feel like it’s my duty to represent not only here in WWE but now I get to do it in Puerto Rico, in front of my family who have never gotten to see me wrestle before and it’s just amazing.”

Unfortunately for fans interested in some insight into Vega's thoughts on Ripley, “The Complaint Department” duo of Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville interrupted Morant's interview and ended up securing the latter a match on the next edition of SmackDown, but that doesn't mean there isn't any drama between the champ and the challenger; far from it, in fact. That's right, speaking with Chris Van Vliet on his podcast, Vega noted that she actually had to miss some time in the ring because Ripley ruptured one of her implants back in the late spring of 2022.

“(I had) a ruptured implant from Rhea,” Vega said via SE Scoops. “But you know what, again, I've said this before like in a joking way, but it actually worked out for the better. Because things happened, and it sucked at first, and now I'm like, ‘Oh, we're good. Now. They're better than ever,' and everyone's happy. My husband's happy, everyone's happy. So yeah, it worked out.”

Will Vega bring up the fact that Ripley popped one of her implants and made it so that she needed to get surgery to repair it? I mean, probably not in those words, but hey, it is a fun fact for fans in the know, which is really what wrestling is all about.

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Zelina Vega is happy to find a new WWE home with Legado Del Fantasma.

Elsewhere in her interview with Chris Van Vliet, Zelina Vega was asked about how her pairing with Legado Del Fantasma came into being, and, interestingly enough, it sounds like she was just as surprised by it as everyone else.

“I mean, I was surprised if I'm being honest. It was a surprise for me because it wasn't exactly the plan,” Vega noted. “It only became the plan literally the day before. For me, I was like, ‘Okay, this is like a whole new challenge.' Because again I had just been with Andrade forever, that's what people had known me for. Then obviously there was that time with (Angel) Garza and then people forget about the fact that I had Theory on our team as well.

“But it was just completely different because now it's not just pushing for one person, It's pushing for a team. Again, I like to say this because people will get a little confused. I'm not just a manager or just a wrestler. I'm probably the only one who wears every single hat that there is to wear in WWE. So I'm not a manager, managing wrestlers. We're a group of wrestlers that are all pushing to be the best. So of course for me, I'd love to see all of us drenched in gold because that's the vision, that's the goal right there.”

While some fans were surprised to see Vega leading LDF instead of Electra Lopez on SmackDown, the pairing has been a natural fit, and all four performers seem to have brought the best out of each other on the main roster. Factor Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio into that equation, and WWE may have really stumbled into something special.