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Fox’s Curt Menefee believes this is how the XFL will sustain its popularity

Curt Menefee, XFL

The XFL is in its second week of operations, and people are still skeptical about whether the league will be able to survive its first season. Fortunately, they have a big supporter in Fox’s Curt Menefee.

The analyst looked at the league’s success during the first week of football and has seen enough to believe that it can thrive. He thinks that Vince McMahon’s second crack at a springtime football league will last longer this time.

Per TV Insider’s Scott Fishman, Menefee had this to say about the XFL:

People seem to really enjoy it. I expect those people to be back and probably some people who are thinking, “Okay, what is this buzz about?” I do think it will sustain. I think the other factor is it’s on networks between us and ABC and ESPN and FS1 and FOX, so people know where to find games. You know when you come home on a Saturday afternoon, depending on what time it is, there is a game on ABC or FOX. You don’t have to search around. I think that is a huge factor in why it will be successful going forward.

Of course, there’s more to a successful NFL alternative other than just great ratings on opening weekend, and the XFL likely understands that. The Alliance of American Football also had a great opening weekend before falling short due to operational mishaps.

As noted by ClutchPoints’ Matthew Schmidt, the XFL needs to retain the crowd they’ve gathered in order to have a long and successful time as the football league of choice when the NFL is in its offseason.