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The Rock announces 2022 XFL return, goes bonkers with excitement (Updated with statement)

Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, XFL

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, purchased the XFL after it collapsed in its first season back in 2020. Upon purchasing the league, The Rock announced that the XFL will return in 2022 and he did so in impressive fashion on his Instagram.

Due to the concerns that stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic, the XFL was forced to cease operations until it was safe to return. But with the coronavirus situation not improving, the XFL was unable to remain afloat.

As a result, the league — that was first founded by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon — would let go of all of the employees in the league and announced that they wouldn’t return. However, back in August, The Rock would purchase the XFL, along with the help of Gerry Cardinale of the RedBird Capital group.

Updated with statement:

“The XFL represents the idea of ultimate opportunity; it’s a league of soul and culture, anchored by the pursuit of dreams and love for the game, that we couldn’t be more proud to lead,” said Garcia and Johnson. “Every XFL player, coach, city and fan is our top priority and we couldn’t be more excited to champion them in an electrifying 2022 season. We are the new XFL—hungry, humble and no one will outwork us.”

At the same time, Johnson’s business partner — Dany Garcia — and ex-wife will also have a stake in the XFL. And with everything taken care of in the purchase of the league, Dwayne Johnson is pushing for a long-awaited return in 2022.

For those that don’t know, before his successful acting and wrestling career, Johnson attempted to begin a career in the NFL. Johnson played football collegiately at the University of Miami and was a highly-touted prospect.

Sadly, injuries would cause Dwayne Johnson to stop pursuing a professional career in football as he was replaced at Miami by Warren Sapp. Sapp would go on to have an illustrious career in the NFL, making the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2013.

Seeing that he wasn’t able to accomplish his dreams in the NFL, The Rock is hoping to keep other’s dreams alive by reviving the XFL.