Comedian Kevin Hart has taken legal action against YouTuber LaTasha Kebe, also known as Tasha K, and his former assistant, alleging an extortion attempt of $250,000 to prevent the release of a potentially damaging interview about his personal life, The Daily Beast reports.

According to the lawsuit obtained by The Daily Beast, Kebe reached out to Hart, demanding the substantial sum in exchange for not airing an interview she conducted with Hart's former assistant, Miesha Shakes. The interview reportedly contained content deemed detrimental to Hart's personal life.

Kevin Hart and his representatives promptly involved the authorities upon receiving the demand but did not acquiesce to the monetary request. They issued a cease and desist letter to Kebe on November 22, cautioning her about the legal repercussions of her actions.

The lawsuit highlights an Instagram Live session by Kebe where she alluded to a “threat” directed at Hart, stating, “When you don’t pay, we have to get money by any means necessary.”

Despite Hart's refusal to comply with the demand, Kebe proceeded to release the interview online through a subscription service on December 12, charging viewers $12 a month. In the interview, Shakes made various allegations against Hart, including claims of infidelity, gambling issues, and paying someone to take DUI charges on his behalf. She also alleged informing Hart's wife, Eniko, about the purported affair.

Additionally, the lawsuit accuses Shakes of breaching a non-disclosure agreement and confidentiality terms by divulging private information about her tenure working with Hart. It claims that the interview contained false and defamatory statements about Hart and disclosed confidential details.

While a representative for Tasha K directed Rolling Stone to watch the full interview on Kebe's website, Hart's lawyers did not provide an immediate response when approached for comment.