YouTube star iShowSpeed might have a future with AC Milan after a playful encounter with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The AC Milan legend, now a senior advisor for the club and an operating partner of their parent company, ‘signed' the streamer to Milan's Futuro team for the 2024-25 season. The event took place at San Siro before the duo explored the city and visited the club's new store.

The meeting between Ibrahimovic and iShowSpeed was broadcast live on YouTube, creating a buzz among fans. Ibrahimovic also shared an Instagram Reel showing them in the shop discussing a mock contract. In the video, iShowSpeed humorously demands a €750,000 weekly wage with a bonus for every goal he scores.

The signing was part of a larger effort by AC Milan to connect with fans and enhance their global presence. With the increasing popularity of social media and digital platforms, clubs are finding new ways to engage with audiences worldwide. This playful stunt is a perfect example of how AC Milan is leveraging these trends to stay relevant and expand their fanbase.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and iShowSpeed's negotiation after AC Milan's signature

In the store, the two engaged in light-hearted negotiations. iShowSpeed's request for a high weekly wage was part of the fun. The interaction ended with Ibrahimovic presenting a contract, which the YouTube star signed, making their partnership with AC Milan official. This publicity stunt aimed to boost Milan's popularity, especially in the United States, where interest in the club has grown since Christian Pulisic joined from Chelsea last year.

AC Milan, one of Italy's top football clubs, is getting ready for the new season with their new coach, Paulo Fonseca. The team aims to win the Serie A title, having finished second last season, 19 points behind their rivals, Inter. The club is working hard to strengthen its squad and prepare for a challenging season ahead.

The collaboration with iShowSpeed and Ibrahimovic's involvement highlights Milan's efforts to connect with a broader audience. By engaging with popular social media personalities, the club hopes to attract more fans, particularly from the younger generation and international markets.

The playful nature of the stunt with iShowSpeed showcases AC Milan's creative approach to marketing. It also reflects the club's recognition of the growing influence of digital media and social platforms in sports promotion. The event successfully drew attention and created excitement among fans, further enhancing the club's global image.

Milan's preparations for the upcoming season are in full swing. Under Paulo Fonseca's leadership, the team is focused on improving its performance and aiming for success. With a blend of experienced players and new talents, the club is optimistic about its prospects in Serie A.

AC Milan's recent efforts to strengthen their squad have included several key signings. The management is keen on addressing the areas that need improvement from last season. The team's performance in the previous season showed great promise, but there were also lessons learned. With these new additions and a fresh strategy under Fonseca, the club is determined to close the gap with Inter and reclaim the Serie A title.

The light-hearted partnership with iShowSpeed reminds us of football's fun side and its ability to bring people together. As AC Milan continues to build its brand and reach new heights, such creative initiatives play a crucial role in engaging fans and fostering a sense of community.

The entertaining encounter between Ibrahimovic and iShowSpeed added a touch of humor to AC Milan's pre-season activities. It highlighted the club's innovative marketing strategies and their commitment to expanding their fanbase. With the new season approaching, Milan fans eagerly await to see what their team will achieve on the pitch. The excitement is palpable, and the team's preparation and engagement with fans suggest a promising season ahead.