The Philadelphia Phillies are fresh off nearly winning the World Series in 2022 after an extremely unexpected run, and it's safe to say that they will continue to contend for titles after making some big moves this offseason. Some of the greatest players in the MLB currently find themselves on the Phillies, but who are the best Phillies players in their franchise history? That is the question we have set out to answer in this article, so let's go back in time and take a trip down memory lane to take a look at the ten best Phillies of all time and see why they made this list.

10. Bobby Abreu

Position: Right Field

Years with Phillies: 1998-2006

Notable Accolades: Two-time NL All-Star, 2005 Gold Glove winner, 2004 Silver Slugger

Bobby Abreu managed to accomplish a lot throughout his lengthy career in the MLB, but he did most of his damage early on with the Phillies. Abreu was a very strong all-around hitter, as he hit around .300 in most of his seasons with Philadelphia, and hit at least 20 home runs in all but his first and last (half) season with the team. Abreu was an All-Star in 2004 and 2005, with his 2005 campaign seeing him finish 14th in the NL MVP race (.286 BA, 24 HR, 102 RBI, 31 SB, .879 OPS). Abreu could do a little bit of everything, and he was at the peak of his powers during his stint with Philadelphia. He eventually got traded midway through the 2006 season, but by then, he had already made his mark as one of the greatest Phillies players of all time.

9. Jimmy Rollins

Position: Shortstop

Years with Phillies: 2000-2014

Notable Accolades: 2007 NL MVP, Three-time NL All-Star, Four-time Gold Glove winner, 2007 Silver Slugger, 2008 World Series champion

Jimmy Rollins was a part of some of the great Phillies teams in the 2000s, and at his peak, he was the best shortstop in the league. The diminutive shortstop broke in with Philadelphia as a speedster who could hit for contact and play solid defense, but he ended up becoming one of the best all-around players in the game. Rollins developed a power stroke over time, and he ended up putting together a stellar 2007 campaign that saw him win the NL MVP award (.296 BA, 30 HR, 94 RBI, 41 SB, .875 OPS). Rollins also had five seasons where he hit at least ten triples (including 20 in 2007) and he remained a solid contributor for the Phillies until his final game. Rollins was a big contributor in Philadelphia's 2008 World Series squad, and he will have a place in Phillies lore forever as a result.

8. Sherry Magee

Position: Left Field and First Base

Years with Phillies: 1904-1914

Notable Accolades: 1910 Batting Title

Sherry Magee put together quite a strong career in the early 1900s with the Phillies. Magee broke in with the major-league squad in 1904 as a 19-year old and never looked back, as he became a mainstay of Philadelphia's lineup for over a decade. Magee was always a solid contact hitter, and he managed to hit 15 home runs in two seasons during an era of baseball where home runs weren't exactly common. Magee also drove in over 100 runs in two seasons, with his best campaign coming in 1910 (.331 BA, 6 HR, 123 RBI, 49 SB, .952 OPS). Magee won the 1919 World Series with the Cincinnati Reds, and after that, there was simply nothing left for him to accomplish. Over 100 years later, he remains a big part of Philadelphia's history as one of their greatest players of all time.

7. Richie Ashburn

Position: Center Field

Years with Phillies: 1948-1959

Notable Accolades: Four-time NL All-Star, Two-time Batting Champion, Hall of Famer

Richie Ashburn finished his MLB career with 29 total home runs, which many players can hit in one full season. And yet, that didn't stop him from putting together one of the best careers in Phillies history. Ashburn was always a strong contact hitter who would consistently hit over .300, and he compounded that by being able to find his way on base even more through walks. Ashburn was as consistent as they came, playing in over 140 games in all but one season, and hitting above .300 in eight of his twelve seasons with the team. Ashburn always received votes for the MVP award, but he never managed to win it, with his highest finish being seventh on two occasions. His numbers aren't huge, but Ashburn's presence with the Phillies certainly was, making him an easy choice for this greatest Phillies of all time list.

6. Ed Delahanty

Position: Left Field, First Base, and Second Base

Years with Phillies: 1888-1889, 1891-1901

Notable Accolades: Two-time Batting Champion, Hall of Famer

The Phillies were founded back in 1888, and Ed Delahanty was right there with them when things got started. It wasn't until 1892 that Delahanty began to find his way though, but once he did, there was no stopping him. Delahanty went from struggling to hit above .250 early in his career to hitting above .400 in three seasons, including in 1899 when he hit .410. Delahanty also was one of the better power hitters in the game during the first era of the MLB, as he led the league with 19 home runs in 1893 and again in 1896 with 13. Delahanty was also a machine when it came to driving in runs, as he had over 100 RBIs in seven seasons with Philadelphia. When all was said and done, Delahanty was the first great Phillies player in their lengthy history.

5. Pete Alexander

Position: Starting Pitcher

Years with Phillies: 1911-1917, 1930

Notable Accolades: Three-time Triple Crown winner, three-time ERA leader, Hall of Famer

It goes without saying that the way pitchers are used in the MLB is a lot different than how things once were. Pete Alexander only spent seven true seasons with the Phillies, but considering how he pitched 2,492 innings during that stretch, he may as well have spent his entire career there. Alexander entered the league in 1911, and was immediately one of the best pitchers in the league. The Cy Young award wasn't around yet, but Alexander likely would have won it several times, as he won the Triple Crown in three straight seasons from 1915-1917, and picked up a slew of other achievements along the way. Alexander accomplished so much in his stint with the Phillies that had he spent more time with the team, he easily would have found his way closer to the top of this greatest all time Phillies list.

4. Chase Utley

Position: Second Base

Years with Phillies: 2003-2015

Notable Accolades: Six-time NL All-Star, Four-time Silver Slugger, 2008 World Series champion

Chase Utley was another member of the dominant Phillies squads in the 2000s, and his high-level of production throughout his entire tenure with the team gives him a well-earned spot on this list. Utley broke out in 2005, and ended up going on an absolute tear from 2006-2009 that might have earned him a spot on this list if he opted to retire right after that season. Utley's best season came in 2006 (.309 BA, 32 HR, 102 RBI, 15 SB, .906 OPS) and he was a crucial part of Philadelphia 2008 title team. Utley's high-level of production didn't last forever, but he remained productive even towards the end of his career with Philly, earning his final All-Star selection in 2014 at age 35. Utley was a fantastic player throughout his time with the Phillies, and it resulted in him cracking the top five on this greatest Phillies of all time list.

3. Steve Carlton

Position: Starting Pitcher

Years with Phillies: 1972-1986

Notable Accolades: Four-time Cy Young winner, 1972 Triple Crown winner, Seven-time NL All-Star, 1981 Gold Glove winner, 1980 World Series champion, Hall of Famer

Steve Carlton didn't start his career with the Phillies, but they certainly got him for his best seasons. Right after joining Philadelphia in 1972, Carlton immediately won the first of his four Cy Young awards, and ended up winning the Triple-Crown as a result of his strong season (27-10, 1.97 ERA, 310 K, 0.99 WHIP). That was easily the best season of his career, but Carlton still won three more Cy Young awards in 1977, 1980, and 1982 and played a huge role in the Phillies 1980 World Series victory. Carlton was a strikeout machine throughout his career, and he didn't have an ERA above four until 1986, his final half season with the team. Carlton is easily one of the greatest pitchers of all time, and his stretch with Philadelphia was one of pure dominance.

2. Robin Roberts

Position: Starting Pitcher

Years with Phillies: 1948-1961

Notable Accolades: Seven-time NL All-Star, Hall of Famer

If it weren't for Robin Roberts insane seven season stretch from 1950-1956, Carlton would easily be the best pitcher in Phillies history. But Roberts went on a tear during this stretch, earning all seven of his All-Star selections and getting MVP votes in every season. He very nearly won the award in 1952, finishing in second place thanks to the most dominant season of his career (28-7, 2.59 ERA, 148 K, 1.02 WHIP). Roberts tailed off towards the end of his tenure a bit, but his longevity and ability to consistently throw over 300 innings made him invaluable to Philadelphia. During his peak, Roberts was arguably the best pitcher in baseball, and he will go down as the greatest pitcher in Phillies history until further notice.

1. Mike Schmidt

Position: Third Base

Years with Phillies: 1972-1989

Notable Accolades: Three-time MVP, 12-time NL All-Star, Ten-time Gold Glove winner, Six-time Silver Slugger, 1980 World Series champion & MVP, Hall of Famer

In the end, this isn't really a contest, as Mike Schmidt is not just the best Phillies player of all time, but one of the best MLB players of all time, period. Schmidt broke out in the 1974 season, and the rest was history, as he became the leader of Philadelphia's lineup for the next decade. Schmidt was one of the best pure power hitters in the game, as he led the league in home runs in eight different seasons, three of which resulted in him winning the NL MVP award. Schmidt's best season came in 1980 (.286 BA, 48 HR, 121 RBI, 12 SB 1.004 OPS) and he also won World Series MVP after leading Philly to their 1980 title. Schmidt was also one of the best defenders in the game all throughout his career, and when you add all of this up, it isn't even a question who the greatest Phillies player of all time is.