While wrestling requires a lot of grappling, tackling, and striking, it also requires some form of acting. As a result, it’s not a surprise that some of the most well-known WWE female wrestlers have gone on to become actresses or models. Given that these wrestlers are confident enough to perform under the bright lights, these WWE Divas have no reason to be camera-shy when performing in front of television screens or in the cinema. For this piece, let’s take a look at 10 WWE Divas that became actresses or models.

Kelly Kelly

At one point, Kelly Kelly was one of the biggest babyfaces in the diva’s division. In fact, she made her mark in the WWE by becoming a WWE Divas Champion during her underdog run. Later on, she even went on to become a 24/7 champion. But even during her WWE career, Kelly Kelly already appeared on magazine covers such as Maxim, Playboy, and Runway. Due to her rise in popularity, it won’t be long before she made the jump to being an actress. Kelly Kelly was credited for appearances in TV series such as Days of Our Lives and Headshots & Handcuffs. In 2020, she made her big screen debut in the film Disturbing the Peace.


While Sable is known for being the wife of Brock Lesnar, she also carved out a decorated career of her own. Sable made her mark in the WWE by accompanying the likes of Triple H, Mero, and the McMahons. She also held the WWE Women’s Championship once after beating Hall of Famer Jacqueline. As a WWE Diva, Sable paved the way for divas to pose for Playboy magazine. Moreover, she also appeared in several projects including First Wave, Relic Hunter, Corky Romano, Slaves of the Realm, and many more. Sable also starred in films such as Ariana’s Quest and The Final Victim.

Torrie Wilson

After Sable made her way into Playboy magazine, it was Torrie Wilson who followed suit. Throughout her career, Wilson feuded with some notable divas including Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Lita, Candice Michelle, and many more. Although she never got to grace any championship gold, WWE still acknowledged her by inducting her into the WWE Hall of Fame. Furthermore, aside from gracing the cover of FHM and Playboy magazines, Wilson also appeared in the movies Precious Cargo and Marauders.

Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose made shocking headlines after WWE controversially fired her. But despite her exit from WWE, no one can deny that Rose dominated WWE NXT. She held the WWE NXT Women’s Championship for the third-longest reign at 413 days. Furthermore, Rose is also one of the fittest divas in the women’s division. As a result, it’s not a surprise that she graced the cover of HERS magazine while sharing some tips and her fitness journey.

Sasha Banks

Speaking of unexpected exits from WWE, Sasha Banks was also a high-profile wrestler who had a falling out with WWE officials. Banks was already an accomplished wrestler who became the third Women’s Grand Slam Champion. But post-WWE, Banks has kick-started her modeling career during the New York Fashion Week. According to reports, she walked the runway for Mister Triple X and Jessica Jade. But aside from modeling, Banks has also had acting history after portraying Koska Reeves in The Mandalorian.

Trish Stratus

During her era, Trish Stratus was the face of the WWE Divas. As one of the greatest female wrestlers in the WWE, Stratus is a record-breaking seven-time WWE Women’s Champion and a one-time Hardcore Champion. But while her WWE career is decorated, Stratus has also racked up acting credits. In terms of TV projects, she was cast in MADtv, Corner Gas Animated, Christmas In the Rockies, and Christmas in Rockwell. Stratus also made big screen appearances in Gridlocked and starred in Bounty Hunters.

Stacy Kiebler

Although Stacy Kiebler never held any championship gold in the WWE, she still managed to make her mark in wrestling. Kiebler worked with the likes of The Dudley Boyz, Randy Orton, and Vince McMahon. Moreover, she also wrestled top divas such as Dawn Marie, Trish Stratus, and Torrie Wilson. However, Kiebler has found greener pastures as an actress. Currently, without her work in the WWE, Kiebler has 20 acting credits to her name. Some of her notable projects include How I Met Your Mother, A Drop of Love, Samurai Girl, October Road, Fixing Pete, and many more.

Becky Lynch

Dubbed as The Man, Becky Lynch is currently one of the top stars in WWE’s women’s division. She’s a four time SmackDown Women’s Champion and two time Raw Women’s Champion. But more importantly, she’s the first and only one to hold both titles at the same time. With a successful WWE career, it won’t be long before Lynch got her feet wet in terms of acting. She appeared in two episodes of Young Rock, which was focused on Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson’s story growing up. In Young Rock, Lynch portrayed real-life singer and actress Cyndi Lauper.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey made her mark in the UFC Octagon before dominating the WWE Women’s division. Given her fighting skills, Rousey’s talent has even landed her some roles in Hollywood. She made appearances in action films such as Mile 22, Entourage, The Expendables 3, Charlie’s Angels, and Furious 7.


Even before entering the WWE, Lana has already had some acting experience to show for. She appeared in notable projects including Pitch Perfect and Banshee. But as we all know, Lana made waves in the WWE as Rusev’s manager before having her own run as a competitor. Although Lana never really earned any memorable matches during her run, she’s getting opportunities outside of the squared circle including an appearance in Cosmic Sin, where she acted opposite established action stars Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo.