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2 perfect options for the Miami Dolphins at No. 5 in the 2020 NFL Draft

It’s a key offseason for the Miami Dolphins, who own three first-round draft picks. They showed some flashes of being a good football team, but it’s going to take a big offseason to continue moving this team in the right direction. With the fifth overall pick, the team has a lot of options that need to be filled, but some positions are more important than the others.

Let’s break down the two perfect options for the Dolphins with the fifth overall pick.

Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback

This one seems a little too obvious, but Tua Tagovailoa is the perfect fit for the Miami Dolphins. If he is still on the board when the Dolphins select, the team should not think twice about it, they need to select him. When Tua is on the field, he looks like an elite NFL quarterback.

He keeps his eyes down the field and is a very accurate passer. He is a mobile quarterback, but he only seems to use it when he needs to. Tagovailoa is a pocket passer first that can make plays with his legs, not the other way around.

The biggest concern for Tagovailoa involves his hip injury. If things come out before the draft that it is career-threatening, of course, the Dolphins need to look a different direction, but if everything is good, he is the long-term answer.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a nice story and a solid quarterback, but he won’t be leading the Dolphins to a Super Bowl. No matter how much the team improves, the Dolphins need a franchise quarterback, and Tagovailoa is that guy.

Isaiah Simmons, Linebacker

If Tagovailoa is off the board or his medicals don’t check out, the team is going to need to go in a different direction. The Dolphins have a major need at linebacker, and Isaiah Simmons is a perfect guy for the Dolphins to build their team around.

Simmons is not a prototypical linebacker, but he is a game-changer. At one point, he was a safety and has game-changing speed. He is also a guy who could move all over the defense.

Much Like Taysom Hill is a do it all for the New Orleans Saints offense, Simmons could do the same for the Dolphins’ defense. He isn’t just a gadget player though, he is a guy who could become a star. The Dolphins are moving in the right direction and either of these guys would help them continue that.