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3 best players the Nuggets must sign in 2021 NBA free agency


After being swept by the Phoenix Suns during the 2021 NBA Playoffs, the Denver Nuggets are heading back to the drawing board this offseason and will be looking to improve their roster during 2021 NBA free agency. With Jamal Murray set to be back in the line up and fully recovered, the Nuggets are going to do all they can to find more help for him and Nikola Jokic.

Now that Jokic is looking to build off of the success of his MVP season and Murray is looking to bounce back after being forced to miss the entire 2021 NBA Playoffs with a torn ACL, the Nuggets will definitely be back in full swing next season. Having said all of this, let’s take a look at the three best players the Nuggets must sign in 2021 NBA free agency.

Nuggets NBA Free Agency Targets

3. Bobby Portis 

Despite playing a vital role during Milwaukee’s title run this past season, Bobby Portis has chosen to decline his player option and enter free agency in summer 2021. With Paul Millsap also set to be a free agent and Denver unlikely to re-sign him, they will have a void to fill at power forward. Portis would a be an exciting addition to the Nuggets with his rebounding, consistent 3-point shooting, and rugged defensive presence.

Placing him at small or power forward would be great for the Nuggets as he would be able to provide relief for either Michael Porter Jr. or Aaron Gordon. If the Nuggets want to get more help for Jokic and Murray this offseason, then adding a reliable hustle player with a championship pedigree like Portis would be a great start for them and give them another enforcer outside of Jokic and Gordon.

Update: Unfortunately for the Nuggets, Portis has agreed to a deal to stay with the Bucks.

2. Andre Iguodala

This would be a welcome reunion for Andre Iguodala with him previously having played for Denver from 2012-2013. Now that Iggy and the Heat are officially set to part ways at the start of free agency, there’s no question he’ll be seeking the chance to compete for another NBA title before he retires. On the Nuggets, he’d be getting the perfect opportunity to do so while playing a major part on a rising contender with a ton of championship potential.

As a former NBA All-Star and Finals MVP,  Iguodala knows what it takes to win it all, proving just that as starter and as a reserve throughout his illustrious career. On this young Nuggets team, he would be able to provide them with veteran leadership, a great locker room presence, and mentorship.

With his championship pedigree and stellar two-way play at previous stops, Iguodala gives them a winning mentality and an all-out hustler who will do whatever it takes to help his team get the chip. If the Nuggets are looking to add a veteran leader who comes through in the clutch, then Andre Iguodala definitely could be their guy.

1. Evan Fournier

With Evan Fournier and the Boston Celtics still far apart on agreeing to a new deal, the Nuggets could be an appealing new destination for him in free agency if he did decides to leave after playing only half a season in Boston. With the timetable for both Murray and Will Barton’s return still unclear, Fournier would provide the Nuggets with great relief in their backcourt. As a combo guard with a strong defensive prowess, Fournier could prove to be a big help for the Nuggets during their playoff push next season.

Between his and Jokic’s wide array of offensive skillsets, the Nuggets would have a great inside-out combination to hold them over until Murray and Barton are back in the starting line up. If the Nuggets were to pull off a surprise move this offseason, then adding Evan Fournier to their already deep roster could prove to be a lethal acquisition that propels them to an NBA Finals run in 2022.