The Charlotte Hornets are certainly one of the biggest surprises of the season so far. Drafting LaMelo Ball and signing an All-Star in Gordon Hayward in the offseason, has been the driving force behind this season's improvement. They are currently sixth in the East and are 25-24, which is a lot better than last season's record at this point. Unfortunately, both Ball and Hayward are going to be sidelined with injuries for more than a month. The supporting cast of Terry Rozier, Miles Bridges and others are going to try to keep the Hornets relevant to make it into the playoffs. However, Michael Jordan and the rest of the management must pursue some help in free agency this offseason if they want to stay competitive.

Victor Oladipo

Oladipo was a hot commodity before this NBA season's trade deadline and rightfully so. Despite the gruesome injury, he suffered a few years back, he is still a borderline All-Star and is still capable of being a second scoring option on several teams around the league. Oladipo will likely resign with the Miami Heat at the end of the season, but there should be some optimism that a smaller market with talent might be able to lure him, like the Hornets. Having a budding star in Ball should be enticing for any player in the league, not to mention an established veteran like Hayward. Adding a defensive-minded guard who can get his own shot would compliment both of their games and would also add another good playmaker for the squad.

Andre Drummond 

The Hornets might have missed out on signing Drummond after being bought out by the Cleveland Cavaliers, but there is a shot at redemption in the offseason. Getting a rim protector and rebounder is essential for most competitive teams. Securing a big that would understand his role would be an upgrade from Cody Zeller and Bismack Biyombo. Sure, Drummond has struggled to find his footing after signing with the Lakers, but he also has not played basketball for a little over a month since the Cavs were trying to trade him before the buyout was completed. It seems like he will be a major contributor for the Lakers while they try and make another title run and the Hornets should use this season to scout him and make sure that his playstyle will fit around LaMelo Ball.

Chris Paul

So this is probably the biggest wildcard in any list ever, but it could be one hell of a gamble worth taking. Paul would not be a long-term answer, but can instantly make the Hornets a lot better than what they are now. He does have a player option in the second year of his current deal with the Suns, but given the level they're playing at, it seems unlikely the veteran would leave.

But, seeing how Paul was able to elevate the Thunder a couple of years ago, who had less than a one percent chance to make the playoffs, and now the Phoenix, his impact is always immediately felt. He elevates teams and there should not be a doubt in anyone's mind that he can do the same for the Hornets. Paul is also from Winston Salem, North Carolina. It is possible that he might be looking to close out his career in his home state, and show LaMelo Ball what it takes to be one of the best point guards of all time.

All three names have the potential to come in and make an impact right away because they are established in the league. We should know what we would get from them, but being placed in a situation with younger talented players could make for an exciting brand of basketball. With LaMelo Ball set to be the franchise player for the Hornets, they must try to attract talent that would fit in effortlessly with him.

Going forward, they should consult Ball about players that he would like to play with as well. Ball may only be 19, but has shown that he will be a top-five player in the NBA one day and it would be best to keep him happy as long as he is rocking a Hornets jersey. There is no point in waiting to bring in talent, they have to pursue help now to show that they are serious about competing for something bigger in the future.