The Pistons will have to make some important decisions at the NBA trade deadline. They are clearly not in any position to contend in the near future so it would make sense that they decide to get rid of some of their guys. They have a few players that can go to a contending team and make an immediate impact.

In order for their future to be what they want it to be, they are going to have to trade some guys. Let's take a look at three players that the Pistons should think about trading at the deadline.

Pistons NBA Trade Deadline

3. Kelly Olynyk

With it being uncertain when Kelly Olynyk is going to return, and him not necessarily playing as well as many were hoping for in the Pistons organization, it could be a good time for him to go. Factor in that he's also 30 years old and he really doesn't have any reason for being there in the rebuild process. It's best that the Pistons decide to move on.

It would make a lot of sense from the Pistons' perspective because he is somebody who can shoot the 3-point shot at a decent rate when he is playing well so some contending teams might take a look at him. He has proven throughout his career with the Miami Heat that he can be a very good three-point shooter and perform in the playoffs which is something that many teams are going to be taking a look at. He could get back a decent return and even potentially a draft pick which is something that the Pistons value.

His age and injury just don't have a spot for the Pistons and it's questionable why they ever decided to go after him in the first place. Getting rid of him at the NBA trade deadline is the best idea that they could possibly have and it will certainly help their future.

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2. Cory Joseph

Cory Joseph is going to be an interesting name during the NBA trade deadline because so many contending teams are looking for a backup point guard. He's ideally the perfect guy to come into a contending team and run the second unit. It could be an interesting decision for the Pistons to get rid of him because he has been playing well this season. He's not doing anything out of the ordinary, but he has been more than serviceable and that's exactly what a rebuilding team like the Pistons needs.

The reality of the situation is that he is thirty years old and he's not necessarily a part of this team's future. With how many contending teams need a backup point guard, it makes the most sense to get rid of him now because he's going to get back the biggest return that he would have ever gotten throughout his career. It will be interesting to see what the Pistons decide to do with him because he has certainly played well enough for them to decide to keep him. Joseph is on an organizational-friendly contract. Factor in that he has also been in this league for a very long time, and it makes a lot of sense why the Pistons would decide to keep him. He's teaching the younger guys some of the ropes of the NBA and he's also doing it on a cheap contract while he is producing.

The Pistons are going to need to factor in if they're going to want somebody who can teach the young guys the ropes, or some draft picks, or some other young players for their future.

1. Jerami Grant

Jerami Grant has been a name in almost every trade since last season. The reality of the situation is that he is an incredible guard who can score at will and has a very bright future in this league. It would be questionable for the Pistons to decide to get rid of him but there is some reasoning why they would decide to get rid of him. He's an elite scorer and he's only 27 years old so the Pistons can still certainly use him.

If the Pistons do realize what they can get back from him, it would make a ton of sense. They should not trade Jerami Grant for somebody like Ben Simmons straight up because it would not make any sense from an organizational standpoint. Grant is certainly the better player and unless you're going to get back multiple young players or a star with some draft picks, it would make no sense for the Pistons organization to get rid of him. They cannot sell low on him just because they are in a rebuilding process and they need to get back everything that he is worth and then some.