Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson promised before that Black Adam will change the DCEU when it comes out. With the film being released worldwide, fans now see how that promise will happen. While it isn't a massive development as many would like, the Black Adam post-credits scene still works to start the change everyone is hoping for. We take a look below at that particular part of the film and the reasons why it'll transform the battered cinematic universe for the better.

Black Adam post-credits scene explained

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After Teth-Adam, the Justice Society, and the people of Kahndaq come together to defeat Sabbac and his demonic horde, the whole world is now more aware of the newly-awakened champion and what he can actually do. This prompts Amanda Waller, head of Task Force X, to send a drone to confront Black Adam and tells him he now has her attention.

After saying she won't force Adam back into a cell, Waller tells him she'll take immediate action if he ever leaves Kahndaq. In response, Black Adam smirks and tells Waller that there's nobody on the planet who can stop him. Not one to back down from a fight, Waller replies that she can call in friends who are not from this world to take him down.

As their communication comes to an end, someone descends and comes face to face with Adam himself – Henry Cavill's Superman. With him coming into the light, Superman notes that it's been a while since anyone's made the world nervous. He adds that they should talk with the scene coming to a close.

3 reasons why Black Adam post-credits scene will change the DCEU

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3. A better and improved Snyderverse

Looking back at how the whole DC Extended Universe started and the way it crashed and burned with Justice League, a thought comes into mind that the whole debacle could have been prevented. If only things were done right, fans would have been treated to a juggernaut of a franchise, one that should have been a worthy competitor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In some way, the most recent Black Adam post-credits scene can signal a change for the DCEU, one that promises to take the franchise to the promised land. The brains behind Warner Bros. Discovery have the opportunity to take what worked with the Snyderverse, mainly the main characters and the actors playing them. Along with these individuals, Superman's reappearance can also mean a more cohesive continuity borne out of previous projects from the last decade. And with The Rock among the people at the helm, there's hope that the DCEU can transform the Snyderverse into a living and lasting entity for years to come.

2. Better storytelling

Just recently, The Rock came out and said that Black Adam is just part of their planned Phase 1 of DC projects. The aim here, according to the star, is to begin with a long form of storytelling for these films. In turn, this will help create a more cohesive universe for these DC characters.

If going deeper into what The Rock just said, this can be taken as a sign that the DCEU is finally coming together to play the long game. Taking Superman's cameo at the end, Ben Affleck's reported appearance in the Aquaman sequel, and whatever the Flash movie brings to the table, the DCEU now has a chance to weave their once-convoluted stories together to come up with a primary arc that will draw people to its films. If successful, it can present a viable alternative to those who want to see something new that isn't in the MCU.

1. Potential for game-changing DCEU movies (taking the first two reasons will lead to Endgame level climax)

While the Black Adam post-credits scene is something small in itself, its implications on the DCEU as a whole can potentially be game-changing. Similar to Nick Fury's cameo at the end of the first Iron Man film, this can offer the same impact if done right.

If the folks over at Warner Bros. Discovery play their cards well, they can open the DCEU up to tons of epic storylines from the comics. Before, Zack Snyder planned to adapt Final Crisis with Ben Affleck's Batman dying at some point. With the ship being set right, future DC films can revisit this potential or even go in another direction from the source material.

Looking at the comics, there's really no shortage of great ideas of inspiration for the movies. Popular storylines like Crisis on Infinite Earths, Identity Crisis, and Multiversity, among others, can be what the DCEU needs for its endgame plan. If done correctly, it can even rival what Marvel did for its Infinity Saga.

Of course, for all of these things to happen, the opportunity given by the Black Adam post-credits scene should be taken care of. It remains to be seen what will happen in the future but in any case, with The Rock at the forefront and Henry Cavill returning, hopes are running high for the franchise's success.