Wednesday just landed on Netflix recently and it has been a pleasant hit for the streaming service and audiences alike. The series’ clever way of blending nostalgia, an exciting story, and a cast of characters that viewers can naturally gravitate to has been the formula for its success in the past few weeks. And while there’s no news yet on whether Netflix will pick up a sophomore effort from Tim Burton, Miles Millar, and Alfred Gough’s gothic show, there’s hype building up for Wednesday season 2. Here are the 3 best reasons for this to happen.

3 reasons why Wednesday season 2 is a must for Netflix

3. Wednesday’s supporting cast

Before Wednesday was shown on Netflix, the standard for the Addams Family franchise was the two films shown in 1991 and 1993 respectively. In those movies, fans were clearly enamored with how Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, and Thing were portrayed, along with Christina Ricci’s Wednesday. In the Netflix series, though, the focus was swayed away from the family itself to Wednesday’s friends at the Nevermore Academy.

The decision to give these characters a lot of airtime certainly worked. The introduction to Enid Sinclair’s sunny disposition, Principal Larissa Weem’s imposing and majestic presence, Bianca Barclay’s finesse aura, and Tyler Galpin’s everyday-joe charm definitely played well with Wednesday Addam’s gloomy on-screen characterization. And those characters were just the tip of the iceberg. If the showrunners continue this trend for season 2, it’s going to be another hit for Netflix.

2. The Addams Family franchise needs to be expanded

Before Wednesday premiered on Netflix, fans would only have the 90s films and a couple of other low-key entries of the franchise for their fix of Gothic comedy. The new series basically took that old family formula and went with an eight-episode run that resembled a Harry Potter movie. The thing is, that new formula worked wonders, as evidenced by Wednesday breaking a record Stranger Things previously held.

This surprising success is nudging fans to have the Addams Family franchise expanded into new territory. If Wednesday can serve as the teen detective-type of story, there’s certainly room for ideas that revolve around Uncle Fester’s misadventures, Gomez and Morticia’s morbid marriage, and even Pugsley headlining his own story. Looking upon these opportunities, the possibilities are basically endless for Netflix. Of course, this can only be made possible if a Wednesday season 2 is given the go signal to lay the foundations for these other potential series.

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1. Wednesday season 1 is surprisingly good

After months of following several hyped-up shows from Netflix and other streaming services, such as Andor, The Rings of Power, House of the Dragon, Stranger Things, and Moon Knight, Wednesday’s first season is definitely a breath of fresh air for many. The series’ simple premise, engaging story, and talented cast all come together to create an eight-episode run that delivers a surprising result when binge-watched.

Taking all of these elements into account and fans will realize that Wednesday deserves all the recognition it’s enjoying right now. Based on the notion that it’s basically a low-investment, yet rewarding experience when watched, a Wednesday season 2 would certainly take things to another level. And with all of the other plotlines left hanging from the season finale, there’s really a lot of reason for Netflix to continue this hit series for another run. In any case, everyone will really win if Wednesday gets the green light for its sophomore effort in the coming months.