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Joe Burrow, Bengals

3 teams that should trade for the Bengals’ No. 1 pick to draft Joe Burrow

Could the Cincinnati Bengals seriously trade out of the No. 1 overall pick and pass up the opportunity to select LSU quarterback Joe Burrow?

While the Bengals have not publicly made the selection available, a report surfaced earlier on Tuesday that the Miami Dolphins plan on engaging Cincinnati in trade talks for the pick.

Obviously, that does not mean the Bengals are looking to trade down. This could merely be as much as the Dolphins placing a phone call to Cincinnati, asking if the pick is available for trade and then being told “no.”

But let’s say that Cincy does consider making a deal.

Here are three teams that should be trying to pry the top pick (which is essentially Burrow) away from the Bengals.

3. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders seem content with going into 2020 with Derek Carr as their starting quarterback, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they view him as their signal-caller of the future.

There have been rumblings about Las Vegas looking to upgrade from Carr, and while Burrow may not represent an instant upgrade, he could develop into one within a couple of years.

The Raiders own the 12th and 18th overall picks in the draft next month, which should be enough ammunition right there to at least pique the Bengals’ interest. Las Vegas also lays claim to three third-round selections.

It would certainly take quite a haul to get Cincinnati to budge off of Burrow, and I’m not even sure that the Raiders have enough (you have to think the Bengals would want a top 10 pick), but they can at least try.

2. Los Angeles Chargers

Tyrod Taylor is currently listed as the Chargers’ starting quarterback, which doesn’t look too good. Their other options are free agents such the aging, injury-riddled Cam Newton and the interception-prone Jameis Winston. Heck, even Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton is a viable trade candidate.

The problem is, none of those possibilities are all that enthralling.

Los Angeles owns the sixth overall pick, which would obviously be at the center of trade talks with Cincinnati. There would probably even be a quarterback (maybe Justin Herbert?) on the board at that point.

While the Bolts don’t have a gluttony of picks like the other teams on this list, they can certainly put together a package that could at least intrigue the Bengals.

1. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins represent, by far, the best potential trade partner for the Bengals.

Think about this: Miami owns 14 picks in this year’s draft, including the fourth overall selection and a whopping six picks inside the top 70. In addition, the Dolphins own two first-round picks and a pair of second-rounders in 2021.

If the Bengals are going to make a move, Miami is probably going to be the team they seriously engage.

The question is, should the Dolphins risk it?

They will probably be able to take Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa at No. 4 and fill out the rest of their roster with the plethora of remaining picks they have.

Does Miami value Burrow that much more than Tagovailoa?

It’s an interesting dilemma for sure, but if anyone can convince Cincinnati to give up the top pick, it’s almost definitely the Dolphins.