Although Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 is still a couple of weeks away, the hype surrounding this Netflix series is gradually building up. After the events of Volume 1, it's not just the fate of Hawkins at stake here as Vecna is on the verge of coming back to this plane of reality from the Upside Down. And with different events happening all over the world that are keeping Eleven and her friends apart, overcoming the odds seems a little bit harder than in the past seasons of this show.

Before Stranger Things 4 returns on Netflix, there are a lot of predictions going around on what could possibly happen in the last two episodes. We take a look below at the best of them.

4 predictions for Stranger Things 4 Volume 2

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Eleven will get her powers back

This is easily the easiest prediction for when Stranger Things 4 returns to Netflix soon. We left Eleven with her discovering that buried memory of fighting Henry Creel and sending him to the Upside Down, an act that turned him into Vecna.

With the help of Doctor Martin Brenner, who surprisingly came back to life after the events of season one, it's expected Eleven will gain her powers back. Of course, this is the ideal development as Vecna is starting to make his way back from the Upside Down. With Eleven back to full power, there's easily going to be a massive showdown between her and Vecna before the final two episodes end.

Someone from the original cast will die

It's no secret that the cast of Stranger Things has gone on to become bigger than what it first was in season one. With this development, it's highly likely that a key member of the cast will finally bite the dust once Stranger Things 4 is done. And while this prediction will make a lot of people angry, there's enough evidence for this individual to be the one that dies. Instead of Nancy, there's a good chance it's going to be Steve.

Over the course of its airing, Steve has evolved from being the biggest douchebag in season one to a man-child hybrid with an awesome connection to the younger cast members, such as Dustin and Max. In Stranger Things 4, we see him interact with Nancy once again since Jonathan is far away from Hawkins when a new threat arises. All of this buildup, and more, serve to boost Steve's profile in the show. It wouldn't be farfetched for him to die in Volume 2 to raise the show's stakes and generate a lot of buzz for the ending.

Eddie Munson and Eleven have a shared history

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Among the new characters introduced in Stranger Things 4, Eddie Munson appears to be the most prominent of them. The Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts started the season running away from the cops for allegedly murdering Chrissy Cunningham and ended Volume 1 as part of the gang who ventured into the Upside Down. The thing is, there might be more to Eddie than meets the eye.

In a prediction that's making the rounds on Twitter, Eddie mentioned that he had a buzz cut when he was young. This lines up with how 010 looks during Eleven's trip down memory lane. Strange enough, the fate of the young boy wasn't mentioned and fans don't know if he survived Vecna's fit of murderous rage or not.

In the event Eddie and 010 are the same, this would establish a link between him and Eleven. Of course, the show's creators need to explain what Eddie has been up to since that Vecna killed most of the test subjects under Doctor Brenner. But if that's the way how things will play out, there'll be a good story behind that potential prediction.

Will is the Mind Flayer

While all the previous predictions are exciting in their own way, the idea that Will is the big bad guy behind everything will certainly change everything for Stranger Things.

There's a reason why Will's been sidelined so much (Mind Flayer Theory) from StrangerThings

In a prediction posted on Reddit, the Upside Down being stuck during the day Will went there doesn't seem like a coincidence at all. The post details how Will's arrival to the other dimension can lay the seeds that lead to a potential revelation that he is, indeed, the Mind Flayer and the ultimate villain being set up for the final season.

If this is the direction for Stranger Things as it spirals toward season five, the potential for excitement and drama is going to be off the charts. Also, it gives the show a chance to circle back to the beginning and close the story that began with Will's disappearance years ago.

Fans will have to wait for a couple of weeks before Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 hits Netflix. By that time, the season's final two episodes will finally give enough resolution to all the developments left hanging in Volume 1. Be, prepared, though, because those episodes promise to be the best Stranger Things has come up with since it premiered in 2016.