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Brandon Aiyuk sounds off after scuffle with Fred Warner, Nick Bosa reacts

San Francisco 49ers, Brandon Aiyuk, Fred Warner, Nick Bosa

Tuesday’s San Francisco 49ers practice was headlined by a scuffle between the offense and defense. Wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk and linebacker Fred Warner got into it on two separate occasions.

Aiyuk and Warner have both solidified themselves as two of the faces of this franchise. Their scuffles during practice were seemingly nothing more than two players being passionate on the field.

After practice, Aiyuk had an interview with NFL Network. During their conversation, Aiyuk explained what occurred while they were practicing.

Brandon Aiyuk chalked it up to just “being football.” He stated, “A little friendly training camp. It’s hot here today, so you know, tempers flaring today. But it’s football. Football seasons here.”

Aiyuk also noted how the 49ers’ defense has been playing recently. He spoke of the intensity they have been playing with and how the offense needs to also be on that level. He said, “I mean, defense came out here with another great intensity the past couple days, so you’ve got to wake the offense up one way or another.”

These words should be encouraging from Brandon Aiyuk. He is stepping into a leadership role and is bringing that to the practice field.

Star edge rusher Nick Bosa also had an interview with the NFL Network. He spoke on how the practice was in general and how it could impact the team.

Bosa gave a simple explanation, stating, “You definitely need a few practices like this to be ready for a season and games.”

This 49ers team, led by second-year quarterback Trey Lance, could be in a position to win a lot of games this season. This sort of intensity could make them a championship team.