49ers news: Kyle Shanahan calls rumors of unrest in San Francisco 'stupid'
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49ers coach Kyle Shanahan calls rumors of unrest in San Francisco ‘stupid’

Kyle Shanahan, 49ers

All offseason, San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan has had to try and deal with rumors about his relationship with general manager John Lynch. There has been talk the two haven’t seen eye to eye with the direction of the team and it has caused some issues in the front office.

A recent article published by Bleacher Report said that the scouting department felt marginalized because Shanahan didn’t really listen to what they had to say. Shanahan didn’t seem to want to hear about it and said anything that believes that is stupid.

“For anyone to question our relationship is the stupidest thing ever. Hang around us,” Shanahan said with a snippy tone, according to Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group.

John Lynch also echoed the same comments and said the relationship continues to grow better and better every year.

“The only thing I’ll say is the respect just continues to grow in what we’re doing,” Lynch said. “You try to improve on everything you do.”

“What I can assure people is that, No. 1, we really do like each other. No. 2, and more importantly in our roles, we communicate really well of every facet of this football team. It’s fun. It’s fun to work with someone you believe in.”

If the team wins, that should answer some of the questions about this relationship, but if the losses pile up again this year the questions will continue to be asked and the grumblings will be growing more if the losing continues.