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49ers facing harsh Jimmy Garoppolo reality with no trade in sight

Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers

After all these months, Jimmy Garoppolo is still part of the San Francisco 49ers. Many expected the veteran quarterback to be shipped off to a new team after their epic run to the NFC Championship game. While Jimmy G has been excellent for them, it seemed like the team was ready to move into the Trey Lance era.

With almost a month until the season officially starts, though, it seems like the 49ers are still struggling to trade Jimmy Garoppolo. The problem, according to Ian Rapoport, is that there’s virtually no market for someone like Jimmy G right now. It’s increasingly likely that the team will hold on to Garoppolo until the time comes for him to get cut.

Garoppolo is a veteran quarterback who has proven that he can help a team win games. However, as it stands, there’s no team really wants a player like Jimmy G right now. The teams that you could argue could use Garoppolo aren’t interested in winning games. Because of that, the 49ers have struggled to find any takers for their QB.

That definitely could change in the next few days, though. Perhaps a quarterback gets injured and they need help. Or perhaps their star QB gets suspended for the season and they need someone to hold the fort. There’s plenty of incentive for the 49ers to keep Jimmy G in the fold for as long as possible.

Still, there’s almost no chance that Jimmy Garoppolo dons a 49ers jersey next season. The team is all-in on Trey Lance to lead them next season, for better or for worse.