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49ers’ Richard Sherman explains why blaming Super Bowl loss on Jimmy Garoppolo is wrong

Jimmy Garoppolo, Richard Sherman, 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are three months removed from their devastating loss in the Super Bowl and some are still placing the blame on Jimmy Garoppolo. On the other hand, Richard Sherman doesn’t blame Garoppolo for his performance in the Super Bowl.

“Jimmy played fine,” the 49ers cornerback Sherman said on KNBR, via the Sacramento Bee. “He did what he was supposed to do. We got to finish that game out. I got to finish that game out. I got to do what I’m supposed to do. I’m an All-Pro player, I got to play All-Pro down the stretch. . . . I think, along with other leaders on the team, we would defend him vigorously because that had nothing to do with him.”

Despite what Sherman is saying, Garoppolo finished with 219 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions in the big game. If Garoppolo doesn’t throw two interceptions and completes the toss to Emmanuel Sanders later in the game, then the 49ers likely would’ve been crowned Super Bowl champions.

At the same time, though, Sherman realizes he and the defense should’ve performed better down the stretch. To begin the fourth quarter, the 49ers held a 20-10 lead, needing to prevent the Kansas City Chiefs from making a comeback.

However, Sherman allowed a 38-yard reception to Sammy Watkins in the fourth quarter, which led to a touchdown to cut the deficit to three. Then, to the dismay of fans in the Bay Area, San Francisco would allow two more touchdowns, losing the game 31-20.

Since the conclusion of the Super Bowl, there have been a lot of fingers pointed at Garoppolo, blaming him for the loss. On the contrary, Sherman believes he and the 49ers defense let the team down with how they performed in the fourth quarter.