49ers news: Jimmy Garoppolo will use Super Bowl as motivation
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Jimmy Garoppolo will use fourth quarter of Super Bowl as offseason motivation

Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers, Super Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers allowed the Kansas City Chiefs to complete yet another comeback to secure a win in Super Bowl LIV. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has since caught plenty of flak for his underwhelming performance on the NFL’s highest stage.

Garoppolo will undoubtedly continue to revive criticism for not being able to get the job done when it mattered most. According to Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News, he will use this loss as fuel in the offseason:

“If you just look at the stats like that, yeah, it is what it is,” Garoppolo said. “As an offense, as a team, we’ve been in that situation multiple times and answered the bell. It’s tough that one time you didn’t. But that’s what people remember, that’s the world we live in and you just have to own up to it and be a man about it. It will fuel us in this offseason, fuel me especially in this offseason, to come back better.”

It is encouraging to see that Garoppolo has managed to find a silver lining in the crushing 31-20 loss to the Chiefs. Regardless, the question remains about his ability to get this team back to the Super Bowl.

The 49ers made quite the investment to make Garoppolo their franchise quarterback. Although he had gotten off to a promising start, he endured a major setback with a torn ACL in the 2018 campaign. He managed to return for the 2019 NFL season, however, largely served as the weak link of an offense that was carried by it talented rushing attack.

While Garoppolo may already have two Super Bowl rings thanks to his time with the New England Patriots, he still has yet to get one as the lead man in charge. That alone should serve as enough motivation to try and make it back in the near future.