The San Francisco 49ers are not expected to aggressively pursue Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins next offseason, according to 49ers reporter Matt Barrows of the Athletic. The 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams reportedly have interest in Cousins, 34, but the 49ers' cap structure makes a Cousins-Kyle Shanahan reunion unlikely.

San Francisco is paying big salaries to a lot of different positions right now. They have top-tier offensive talent at running back, wide receiver, offensive tackle, and tight end. Defensively, they have top-tier talent at defensive tackle, edge, linebacker, safety and cornerback. They can retain this talent because they aren't spending big at quarterback, especially with Jimmy Garropolo out of the building.

So, if the Rams offer a significant contract for Cousins, the 49ers probably just won't be able to match it. In a potential “bidding war,” the Rams are more willing, and more able to overpay for a veteran quarterback. Of course, the Rams' play depends on moving Matthew Stafford by next offseason.

The 49ers have an excellent coach and the best roster in the NFL. The only missing piece is an elite quarterback. For most teams, it takes a very special quarterback to win it all. With a roster this good, the 49ers might be able to make it work their current guy, Brock Purdy.

Purdy is other reason the 49ers likely won't fight too hard with the Rams over Cousins. Kyle Shanahan likes Cousins; the two go way back. But Shanahan “suspects he now has a younger, cheaper and more mobile version of Cousins in Purdy, who is 11 years younger,” Barrows wrote.

Purdy's rookie season was excellent, once he took over for the injured Garropolo. However, it's unclear if he's actually that good, or if the 49ers are just so stacked they can win with anyone calling the shots. The other concern is Purdy's injury status.

Purdy had elbow surgery over the offseason to repair his UCL. Typically, such an injury requires “Tommy John Surgery,” which is common in baseball players. It usually sidelines players for a full year, but Purdy's injury was mild enough to go with a less invasive surgery that did not require a tendon graft.

Still, if Purdy comes back and isn't the player the 49ers hope he can be, they will have to explore other options to maximize their championship window. That could mean turning to Trey Lance, or maybe it could mean the door to the Kirk Cousins path reopens.