49ers news: Richard Sherman not haunted by Super Bowl mistake
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49ers’ Richard Sherman not haunted by Super Bowl mistake

Richard Sherman, 49ers

Richard Sherman and the San Francisco 49ers were close to defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in last season’s Super Bowl. But one play involving the veteran cornerback still resonates in the minds of fans in San Francisco. Despite allowing a huge play in the latter portion of the game, Sherman doesn’t let himself get bothered by it.

For the first time since the Super Bowl in February, spoke to Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle about the infamous play:

“It’s football,” Sherman said, via ProFootballTalk. “Nobody’s played a perfect game yet. It honestly didn’t bother me much, period. I went out there and prepared the best I could. The guy made a good play. It is what it is. I gave up a 38-yard catch in a football game. I gave up 60 yards in the game.”

Late in the fourth quarter, the 49ers were up 20-17 with nearly five minutes remaining in the game. Meanwhile, with under four minutes to go, Patrick Mahomes would complete a 38-yard pass to Sammy Watkins.

During the play, Watkins would speed past Sherman in coverage and proceeded to give Mahomes a clear shot of completing a pass to him down the field. Just three plays later, the Chiefs would score a touchdown, giving them a 24-20 lead. Essentially, the big play to Watkins is what allowed Kansas City to secure their first Super Bowl since 1969-70.

Nevertheless, Sherman—who made his fifth Pro-Bowl appearance in 2019 at 31 years old—understands that cornerbacks get bested plenty of times. While he isn’t unnerved with the play in the Super Bowl, the All-Pro cornerback would undoubtedly love to have a chance to redeem himself in 2020.