The San Francisco 49ers are headed to the East Coast to face the Jacksonville Jaguars in what is somehow not a Week 10 primetime matchup. Rather, the lowly Las Vegas Raiders host the lowly New York Jets on Sunday Night Football. But anyways, 49ers tight end George Kittle had an interesting comparison for the Jaguars ahead of the matchup: the Los Angeles Rams of several years ago.

“I think they’re like the Rams from a couple years ago,” Kittle said. “[The Jaguars defense] just keep[s] everything in front of them. They try to be true to their pass rush. They try to get you in these third-and-longs and then just let their coverage and their rushers beat you.”

Essentially, the Jaguars play a conservative brand of defense. They're okay giving up a few extra yards on the ground or to short passes, but they don't get beat deep. Then, on those third-and-longs in question, the secondary gets aggressive. Jacksonville is tied for second in the NFL with 11 interceptions on the year.

However, the 49ers have had a lot of success against those Rams teams George Kittle refers to. Kyle Shanahan took over as the 49ers' head coach in 2017, the same year Sean McVay took over for the Rams. Since then, including the playoffs, Shanahan's 49ers are 10-4 vs. the Rams. If Kittle, Shanahan, and the rest of San Francisco's offense are able translate the proven-successful game plan for the Rams into this Jaguars matchup, they should have a good chance of snapping this three-game losing streak and getting back on track.