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5 bold predictions for Hawks-Sixers in 2021 NBA Playoffs

The Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers both won their first round series in five games.

The Hawks took down the No. 4 seed New York Knicks while the Sixers took down the No. 8 seed Washington Wizards. Although this matchup may not be a familiar one in the playoffs, it will be a good series.

The status of Sixers superstar center Joel Embiid is still unknown for this second round series. Embiid suffered a small meniscus tear in his right knee in Game 4 against the Wizards. He is being considered day-to-day by the Sixers and his status could completely change the series against the Hawks.

On the other side, the Hawks are catching fire at the right time. The elite play of Trae Young has elevated the team’s play, enabling Atlanta to destroy the Knicks. He has proven himself to be a star and he could lead this team on a deep playoff run.

Here are five bold predictions for the Hawks and Sixers in the 2021 NBA playoffs.

Hawks-Sixers predictions

5. Seth Curry averages over 15 points

Seth Curry is one of the best shooters in the NBA and can erupt at any time. Curry can help the team in the scoring department especially with Embiid out. He proved this in Game 5 against the Wizards as he had 30 points to close out the series. The Sixers will need this level of production from Curry to keep the team afloat while Embiid is out. Look for Curry to average 15 or more points in this series against the Hawks.

4. John Collins averages over 20 points

John Collins is an up-and-coming player in the league and he could dominate this series. If Embiid remains out it will create more opportunity for Collins to dominate the Sixers in the paint. Although Collins isn’t the most recognizable player he stamps his impact for the Hawks. He is a good scorer that also rebounds well and could be the Sixers’ kryptonite with Embiid out. Collins could step up and be the difference in the series for the Hawks.

3. Tobias Harris will be Sixers’ X-Factor

Tobias Harris could be the deciding factor for how the Sixers fare in the season. Harris is a solid scorer but will need to play better with Embiid out. He is a good player but needs to continue to play well with the star center out. Harris played great in the first series against the Wizards and will need to keep that level of production up. He will need to play well and score to have a chance in the series.

2. Ben Simmons averages near triple-double

With Embiid out, co-star Ben Simmons will need to elevate his game. Simmons is capable of getting a triple-double as he averaged almost 15 points per game, 10 rebounds, and nine assists against the Wizards. He will need to keep this play up against the Hawks for the Sixers to stay competitive. While they have a good roster even without Embiid they are playing a Hawks team that is on fire. Simmons will need to play well to have a good series.

1. Trae Young averages over 30 points

Trae Young is the key to the Hawks’ success for this playoff run and the future. He has shown himself to be a star and will need to continue his elite play in this series. Young averaged 29 points in the first round series against the Knicks and needs to do more against the Sixers. While he played great he needs to do more because this is a one-seeded team. Look for Young to assert himself early in this series.