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5 NBA superstars most likely to demand a trade

Everybody loves a juicy trade rumor. Sometimes, all it takes is one single trade to go from lottery pick to playoff contender in the NBA. Therefore, it comes at no surprise when fans want to get in on the latest scoop to speculate how good (or bad) a team can be after a trade is executed. Here are 5 superstars most likely to demand a trade after this season.

5. Karl-Anthony Towns

If nothing changes in this organization, Towns may be the next Kevin Garnett (in a bad way). It’s sad to see good talent being put to waste by a front office that can’t build a decent supporting cast. While the recent acquisition of D’Angelo Russell sparks new hope for the team if the move pays off, it might just be enough for Towns to pull the trigger and demand a trade if it ultimately fails.

4. Devin Booker

This is essentially a coin flip. On one hand, Booker has expressed his commitment toward the Suns by inking an extension to his contract. However, he has also publicly stated that he enjoys the company of being among the elite. Moreover, the speculation of a big three brewing in Minnesota with Russell, Towns and Booker is still on the table as the friends never ruled out the idea. Only time will tell if Booker leans toward one side over the other.

3. Bradley Beal

In the same boat as Booker, Beal has shown his belief in Washington as he looks forward to playing with the team once its back to full strength. Nevertheless, the caveat is “full strength.” If John Wall disappoints in his return and the team is still a mess later on, it might be safe to say that Beal will look for greener pastures elsewhere.

2. Ben Simmons/Joel Embiid

There has been a lot of talk on Philadelphia’s future with picking one of their two superstars to properly build a team around. As the two players are great individually, it just seems that their games don’t mesh well as redundancy is the main issue. If the two can’t make it work in the postseason this year, management may either jump the gun, or one of the two may simply bail. Either way, it’s almost inevitable that a decision is coming one way or another.

1. Rudy Gobert

Unfortunately, not all relationships can be repaired. For Gobert’s case, it seems likely that the front office will prioritize Mitchell’s sentiments over his. Therefore, a trade demand may be in the works if the Jazz show an epic collapse in the NBA restart. Look for Gobert to take his talents elsewhere in the hopes of a fresh restart as things have been looking rocky for him in Salt Lake City.