The Marvel Cinematic Universe just kickstarted its Phase 5 slate of films and series with the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania this week. With Scott Lang and his family being drawn deeper into the Quantum Realm than before, the diminutive Avenger comes face to face with Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror, the biggest threat everyone has faced since Thanos. And along with this antagonist, there comes a host of cool details and clever trivia hiding beneath the surface. We take a look at the best Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania easter eggs and what they mean to the MCU moving forward.

7 best Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania easter eggs Marvel fans must know

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7. Look Out For The Little Guy

At the start of Quantumania, we see how Scott and his family are doing. Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne are catching up on their marriage after the latter spent decades trapped in the Quantum Realm. Hope Van Dyne has regained his father’s company and is doing good in the world with it. Scott is now a celebrity after saving the world with the Avengers. Also, he’s a best-selling author, thanks to Look Out For The Little Guy, a book Lang wrote about his experience as Ant-Man, which includes certain moments with the Hulk and Rocket Racoon.

Around this time, we see Lang get free coffee from a local coffee bar with one of the elder baristas mistaking him for Spider-Man. Lang is also seen attending red carpet events with Hope and having lunch with Jimmy Woo, an FBI agent seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp and WandaVision.

While everyone else is doing good, we discover Cassie gets arrested by the police while Scott is in the middle of an event about his book. Her daughter’s strong-willed personality and desire to help others, particularly those displaced by the Blip, contrasts with Scott’s semi-celebrity lifestyle. This leads Cassie to reveal to Scott and Janet that she has been working with Hank and Hope to create a satellite-like device that’ll allow them to explore the Quantum Realm without entering it. At this point, an unknown force draws them into the sub-atomic dimension.

6. The Quantum Realm’s Freedom Fighters

After being drawn into the Quantum Realm, Cassie and Scott get separated from Janet, Hank, and Hope. This is where they meet a group of freedom fighters led by Jentorra and Kaz, a telepath. The pair are forced to ingest goo from Veb, a new character voiced by David Dastmalchian, to understand the local dialect being spoken.

They learn that Kang has displaced their people and are doing their best to fight the Conqueror after losing their homes to him. And while most of the characters Marvel uses in their projects are based in the comics, it seems that these three are created for Quantumania alone. The same can’t be said, though, for the following easter egg.

5. Krylar

Once the trio of Hank, Janet, and Hope find transportation from their landing spot in the Quantum Realm, they proceed right away to a Cantina bar filled with all sorts of alien beings. Janet then sets up a meeting with Krylar, an aristocrat who helped her in the past as a freedom fighter against Kang. The arrogant, yet suave character played by Bill Murray is originally as an assassin who dealt with the Hulk while he was stuck in the Microverse, the comic version of the Quantum Realm.

In Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Krylar’s origin is changed and he now had a fling with Janet in the past. But during the time she was gone, Krylar switched his allegiances to Kang and proceeds to give up Janet and her family to the Conqueror in the film.

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4. M.O.D.O.K.

The first Ant-Man film ended with Darren Cross’ Yellowjacket shrinking endlessly to sub-atomic size after his battle with Scott. It’s revealed here in Quantumania that Kang got a hold of him, transformed the former Yellowjacket, and gave him a battle suit that matches his unique physiology. This leads him to become a Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing, or M.O.D.O.K., a being with an oversized head imbued with various weapons to fulfill his role as Kang’s enforcer.

We also see throughout the film flashes of his life as Darren, most notably when he was about to die. This comes after M.O.D.O.K. has a change of heart caused by Cassie, which leads him to attack Kang. At that point, he has reunited with Hope and Hank and remarks about the time he spent with both as Darren Cross.

3. MCU Kang

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Kang starts out in Quantumania as a stranded scientist meeting Janet at the start of the film. The former Wasp then explains that after helping him repair his ship, she discovers all the evil things he has done as a Multiversal conqueror. This leads her to enlarge the Multiversal energy core, disabling Kang’s means to escape the Quantum Realm.

It’s later discovered that Kang was exiled by his other variants and he is in dire need of Pym Particles to enact his revenge on them. After amassing a significant force, the Conqueror coerces Scott to shrink back the power core in exchange for his daughter’s safety. With the energy core in his possession, Kang then tries to escape the Quantum Realm, but fails due to Scott’s family and Jentorra’s freedom fighters subduing his forces.

Jonathan Majors’ antagonist in Quantumania isn’t very far off from the version that originated in the source material. The comic version is also a time traveler with the ability to traverse the Multiverse, possesses a battle suit, and boasts a fierce personality that has allowed him to conquer countless worlds.

2. Council of Kangs

The end of Quantumania sees Kang defeated at the hands of Scott and Janet while their whole family escapes from the Quantum Realm. While the Avenger goes back to his normal life in San Francisco, three variants of Kang talk about what happened with the exiled conqueror. These three, which resemble Immortus, Rama-Tut, and Scarlet Centurion in the comics, mention the increasing awareness of the Avengers to the Multiverse and all that they’re trying to build. They agree that this group needs to be dealt with in order to protect their interests.

This leads to a massive stadium filled with various versions of Kang teleporting right in the middle with a lot more on the stands, including a Skrull variant prominently being featured. This scene is taken directly from Avengers #292, the first appearance of the Council of Kangs. In the source material, this group has taken the responsibility to eliminate threats across the Multiverse, mainly the Avengers, as well as Kang’s other variants from different alternate realities. With the premise being established in the MCU, plus what He Who Remains explained in Loki season 1, it won’t be far off before the danger this council presents will be shown in full.

1. Victor Timely

In the second post-credits scene, we see Loki and Mobius during the early 1900s as they watch Victor Timely talk to a crowd about manipulating time and using it for their benefit. Victor is another variant of Kang and it seems this scene is taken from the Loki season 2. It should be remembered that in season 1 of this Disney Plus series, He Who Remains explained how his variants started a Multiversal War and his part in ending it. His death also paved the way for these variants to return for the Multiverse to emerge again, as can be seen in the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

These Ant-Man and the Waspn easter eggs are just the tip of the iceberg as there are tons more featured in this MCU film. Marvel fans must keep an eye out as there more that will come out in the coming days and as Phase 5 rolls along with its various films and limited series on Disney Plus.