Ben Simmons was heavily ridiculed for choosing to skip out on the work-out with the Philadelphia 76ers. It wasn't very fair given the fact that numerous players who were projected 1st overall picks have chosen to do the same thing in the past.

The Sixers obviously have the 1st overall pick in the draft and are in need of a big time player. They truly believe that Ben Simmons is their man. If it seems like he'll be unhappy in Philadelphia, then he might not be worth the pick.

To avoid any confusion and to get the media off of their back, the Sixers and Ben Simmons decided to have a face-to-face.

Apparently, the meeting went quite well. From ESPN's Marc Stein:

The Sixers, sources said, came away impressed by the 20 pounds of muscle Simmons is said to have added to his physique since the end of the college season and viewed the meeting as the start of “building a relationship” with the player they are strongly expected to select ahead of Duke's Brandon Ingram with the first pick next week.

For Sixers fans who were disappointed to hear that the team wasn't able to have Ben Simmons in for a workout, this has to be welcoming news.

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