Even though Andor ended less than a week ago, its conclusion is still reverberating among Star Wars fans. And along with its unique form of storytelling, one that sets it apart from most entries in the franchise, the series also boasts a lot of cool details hiding beneath the surface. We take a  look at the best Andor easter eggs from season 1 and what they truly mean.

8 Andor Easter eggs to look out for from season 1

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8. Luthen Rael's shop

We first see Luthen Rael trying to recruit Cassian Andor in episode one. For an old man, fans were surprised to see how gritty and skilled he is in a fight against Imperial forces. That's why it's rather surprising to see him back in his shop in Coruscant acting all courteous and pleasing in public. But along with his penchant for hiding his illicit activities right under the nose of the Empire, Star Wars fans are also treated to tons of awesome items in his shop.

Those who would make the effort of pausing episode four would not only see Luthen and Senator Mon Mothma interacting, but several items that have a place in Star Wars lore and history. Some of these include Jedi and Sith holocrons, Padme Amidala's headpieces, a Gungan energy shield, a Jedi Temple guard's mask, and what appears to be Plo Koon's breathing mask. Needless to say, Luthen's shop is truly a candy store for all things Star Wars.

7. Kyber Crystal

With Cassian agreeing to do a job for Luthen, the former seeks a guarantee that he'll be paid after the mission is done. This prompts the old rebel to give him a piece of Kyber crystal attached to a necklace as a retainer. Luthen adds that it's worth 40,000 credits and it's worth more to him than that amount.

In Star Wars, these crystals are used by the Jedi Order to power their most important tool and weapon – the lightsaber. With the Empire outlawing them, it only stands to reason that a single piece of Kyber crystal will be worth so much at this point in time.

6. Wulf Yularen

In episode seven of Andor season 1, we see an officer presiding over an Imperial Security Bureau. This man is Wulf Yularen and he's a pretty familiar character for Star Wars fans.

Yularen appeared in animated projects, such as Clone Wars and Rebels. The former, of course, had Yularen develop into an effective leader under the tutelage of the Jedi during the war against the Separatists. We also see during this period how his relationship with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker helped him during the war, and even after it. During the time of the Galactic Empire, we now see him rise to become one of its more prominent leaders, as seen recently in Andor.

5. KX Security Droids

After pulling off the attack on an Imperial garrison in Aldhani, Cassian takes his money and lives his best life yet in Niamos. With the use of a fake name and a lot of credits, Cassian tries to hide in this planet while the Empire is starting to piece together his involvement, both in Aldhani and Ferrix.

Around this time, Cassian was apprehended by a Stormtrooper squad using false charges. This was done with the aid of KX-series droid, the very same model Cassian will have by the time of Rogue One. In that film, the black, lanky droid accompanying the rebel will be voiced by Alan Tudyk. In Andor season 1, though, fans will have to settle with a cool Easter egg that alludes to his future companion.

4. Saw Gerrera

Star Wars fans know that the Rebellion isn't entirely contained to Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, and Han Solo alone. From what we've seen in Rogue One, it would seem that the fight against the Empire is actually splintered. One of those groups that prefer to take a different, and more radical approach, is led by Saw Gerrera.

Compared to the Rebellion most fans know, Gerrera's splinter group goes for a more dynamic route, one that is seen as terrorist-like by other rebel cells. While this approach isn't fully displayed in Andor season 1, the appearance of Gerrera here indicates that his group has the means to fight the Empire in a way that will soon alienate it from the main Rebel Alliance. Fans hope that in season 2, we will get to see Forest Whitaker's character go on the offensive against Imperial forces.

3. Ruescott Melshi

During his escape from the Imperial facility on Narkina 5, Cassian found himself on the run with Ruescott Melshi. Thanks to a couple of locals and a shared hatred for the Empire, both inmates found their way back to Niamos. At this point, Cassian and Ruescott go off on their separate ways with a promise to keep fighting the Empire.

The pair is seen again in Rogue One where Cassian works behind the scenes to obtain more information on the Death Star while Ruescott is a soldier for the Rebel Alliance. Both men would meet their end by fighting Imperial forces on Scarrif with the mission of obtaining the plans to destroy the battle station a success.

2. Cantwell-Class Arrestor Cruiser

With the Empire tightening its grip on the galaxy after the Aldhani attack, Luthen has found himself in a precarious situation just outside of Segra Milo as an Imperial ship hails him down. The ship in question is a Cantwell-class Arrestor cruiser and episode 11 of Andor marks the first time this craft has been seen since Solo: A Star Wars Story.

In Andor, though, the ship was used in a great action scene that ended with Luthen's haulcraft obliterating it. Before that happened, the old rebel managed to blast off a couple of TIE Fighters without breaking a sweat. With the appearance of this cruiser, there are hopes that other obscure ships could find their way to Andor season 2 or beyond, if possible.

1. Death Star

Andor season 1 ended with a post-credits scene showing the construction of the first Death Star. This Easter egg harkens back to Rogue One itself, the film in which Cassian and other rebels band together to steal the battle station's plans. It also alludes to the original trilogy where Luke, Han, and Leia managed to blow it up right before it can destroy Yavin 4.

These Andor easter eggs are just the tip of the iceberg. With the whole season up on Disney Plus right now, Star Wars fans can spend their time catching all of those cool details and hidden trivia.