Succession has just ended its four-season run on Max with an epic series finale, leaving its fans with nothing else to look forward to in the weeks to come. Even if that's the case, there's still a lot of entertainment to be had just by revisiting the show and its compelling characters one more time. We take a look below at the best Succession moments to look forward to when binge-watching the award-winning series.

8 most epic Succession moments to catch on Max, ranked

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8. Boar on the Floor

Back in Succession season 2 episode 3, Logan Roy and his senior management team went on a retreat in Hungary. During dinner there, the Waystar Royco CEO had it with all the stabbing behind his back when it came to acquiring PGM. This gave him the idea to pit Greg, Tom, and Karl against each other in a game he called Boar on the Floor.

What follows is Logan humiliating the three by ordering them to squeal like boars and fight over a sausage, with the first to consume it winning the said game. This happens while everybody cheers them on as Logan continues teaching them a lesson against going up against him. In the end, there are no winners as all three end up with their tails behind their respective legs in a display of power of Logan has over them all.

6. Tom finds out he's not going to jail

For most of Succession season 3, Tom Wambsgans has been stressed to hell and back due to the possibility of going to jail. This comes after he is seen as the potential scapegoat for the Cruises scandal Waystar went through. But because Kendall overpromised his prospective testimony and wasn't able to deliver what the government wanted, Logan and his company escaped any further scrutiny from the said issue.

The revelation that he won't be sent to prison anymore causes Tom to visit Greg in his office and go berserk in the most fun and epic way. After flipping an office table, Tom would spend a few minutes letting out all the fear and anxiety stored inside him as Greg watched in awe. In a way, Succession fans were extremely relieved as one of the series' beloved characters was finally unloaded with a tremendous burden.

5. L to the OG

Looking at the entire landscape of Succession, people might expect that it's all about business and serious stuff. While that's true, especially in the most captivating of moments in the show, there are still light-hearted scenes that don't take away anything from the Max series. In Dundee, a tribute is being held for Logan and all of what he has done in his life. For his part, Kendall surprised everyone when he put on a cap and started rapping on stage.

In a matter of moments, Succession viewers might have found themselves singing along to the catchy song Kendall made up for his father. And while Roman and other members of the Roy family cringed at him, Kendall managed to bring something different to the entire series through his tribute to Logan. Truly, this was an OG moment for the Max show.

4. Tom's Betrayal

Along with all of the anxiety of going to prison, Tom was always mocked by the Roys and emotionally abused by Shiv in their marriage. With her sleeping around and making him feel less than a husband, it only makes sense for Tom to think about his future in the company at some point in Succession.

That came to fruition when Tom learned that the siblings will prevent Logan from selling the company and told him before they could even make a move. His betrayal pushed Kendall, Shiv, and Roman out of influence, causing the three to do things on their own by purchasing PGM. Tom, for his part, gained the good graces of Logan and stepped up from where he used to be. While the betrayal does hurt, the revelation that it was Tom who helped Logan win over his kids was a surprising development that elevated the season 3 finale to new levels of awesome.

3.. Kendall's press conference

All throughout season 2, we've seen Kendall somehow be castrated by Logan after the climactic finale of season 1 where he was involved in a waiter's death. During that time, Kendall was a shell of himself as he just meekly went ahead with his father's wishes. That demeanor changed without any warning when Kendall was forced to take the fall for the Cruises scandal, even if he went the extra mile to defend his father before a Congressional hearing.

During the press conference, Kendall was supposed to admit his involvement in the scandal and take the fall for Waystar Royco. Instead, he tagged his father as complicit in all the alleged crimes being thrown at the company, effectively turning the tables on him and his family. The turn itself was borne out of a season-long battle for Kendall as he took everything his father and siblings had thrown at him for all the failures his committed before. With that release, Kendall's arc in season 3 became a lot more interesting than just remaining a lapdog for his father to use.

2. Logan's death

Succession has been all about Logan and how he will be succeeded in the event of his death. Although the show came close to it in the first season, his passing did become a reality before season 4 could even hit its halfway mark. The Waystar Royco CEO started season 4 episode 3 on a trip to see Lukas Matsson, and along the plane ride there, passed away. While fans were hoping that it wasn't true as the episode progressed, the final scene confirmed that Logan, did, indeed, die.

The resulting loss threw every character in Succession away from their orbit. The display of grief and emotion, especially amongst Logan's children, was a masterpiece in acting from each one of them. In the end, fans of the Max series couldn't help but be drawn by the gravity of Logan's death. This serves as a testament to how awesome this moment in Succession truly is.

1. Shiv and Roman prepare a meal fit for Kendall

When it comes to Succession, there are mostly moments that reek of misery, betrayal, or dark comedy. There are only a few scenes from the Max series that somehow warm the hearts of viewers everywhere. The best one by far was the moment shared between the three Roy siblings in the kitchen of their mother's Carribean house. With Kendall securing Shiv and Roman's permission to become CEO, the two prepare a meal fit for a king filled with different ingredients that end up as a disgusting mix. As the scene progresses, fans are lured into a false hope that they've finally figured things out and their future can look better than where they were when Succession began.

But remember that this is Succession, one of the bleakest shows on streaming, and their short-lived alliance ended up in absolute heartbreak and misery. But even if that's the case, the Meal Fit For A King scene remains an epic memory, not just for Kendall, Shiv, and Roman, but for fans of the series everywhere.