Brooklyn Nets media day was Monday, and there was one major story by several miles: Kyrie Irving and his lack of an update on his vaccination status. Everyone was wondering if the star guard is in fact not vaccinated. If not, would that mean he cannot hoop in Brooklyn this season?

New York City is requiring Knicks and Nets to get the jab and players who refuse may not be eligible to play without some type of religious or medical exemption. Much of the focus for media day was listening for any clue about Kyrie (even Joe Harris was asked if he felt Irving would play).

If it were not for that national story, you might have heard a little bit more from the rest of the Nets. Let's take a moment to focus on a few of the non-Kyrie stories from Monday's media availability that may have been swept under the rug.

9 Nets notes you probably missed amid the Kyrie hoopla

1. LaMarcus Aldridge is back and eyeing a major milestone

Last season, seven-time All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge retired when he was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. He has talked with his family and his doctors and made sure it's safe for him to resume playing with the Nets, and he's doing that out of love for basketball. He added some details for us about the situation.

It sounds like Aldridge never really wanted to retire.

Nets teammate Kevin Durant noted he was excited for “LA” to crack a certain scoring threshold on the all-time leader board. For someone with as feathery a touch as LA has, 49 points isn't a lot. It's nice that the team leader in KD is already aware of that and excited to share it with him, especially given the health scare he's had in the past.

2) Blake Griffin saw a dude who looked just like Dave Letterman… but didn't realize it was really him

In case you missed it, the real Dave Letterman showed up to media day and had a fun back and forth with Kevin Durant.

But what we didn't notice right away was something Blake Griffin would reveal.

Imagine seeing that beard and still wondering if it was actually Dave? Blake is also a comedian, I would have loved to hear what joke he had plan for “the look-alike.”

3) Patty Mills says he spoke with Kevin Durant in the summer; that put him in a championship state of mind

Mills is no stranger to the NBA Finals, he appeared in back-to-back finals in 2013 and 2014. They lost the first time when Ray Allen hit his iconic shot. But he landed himself a redemptive ring the second time around with San Antonio. He still gets to rock a black jersey. And he can't shake this one former Spurs teammate of his:

4) Bruce Brown likes country music

Let's face it, if not for the Kyrie thing this Nets item would be the biggest story in the NBA today. Brown liking country music has to be one of the most underrated stories in New York sports today. We'll see if the PA crew pumps some Johnny Cash from the arena speakers for him when he throws down a lob from Harden.

5) Paul Millsap said choosing Brooklyn was not an easy decision, and he isn't sure what to call his new coach yet

Paul Millsap, like former Atlanta Hawks teammate Al Horford, is a really underrated talent. If not for LeBron James simply dominating the NBA for so many years, Millsap (like many others) might have enjoyed a bit more of the spotlight. He talked about how it was a difficult decision to settle on the Brooklyn Nets. Ultimately, the idea of playing with his new teammates was what helped him to this point.

Oh and he isn't sure what to call coach Steve Nash yet….

6) Jevon Carter reminds us this isn't football

Former Suns pitbull defender Jevon Carter says “I tell people all the time this isn't football. You play both ends of the floor,” per YES Network. He thinks that his tenacity on D and ability to play both ends of the floor will be key for his new team.

7) Nic Claxton draws high praise from James Harden

Nick Claxton doesn't know what his role will be yet on the Nets, but it couldn't hurt that James Harden compared him to Clint Capela, who had terrific pick-n-roll chemistry with Harden during their Houston days.

8) Joe Harris doesn't worry about social media because he gets enough ribbing from his family

At least Joe Harris has a built-in way to cope with social media harassment when he doesn't play well for the Nets. He already gets his fill from his mom and sisters apparently.

9) James Harden and Kyrie Irving injury/extension updates?

James Harden offered some music to Nets fan ears when he said “I don't see myself anywhere else, honestly” when asked Monday about a possible extension. It was noted that he could make more cash if he waited a year but he mentioned that wasn't all that's on his mind.

As for his hamstring, he noted that his grade two strain can take a full offseason to rehab. The issue received his full attention and he is now feeling “100 percent.”

As for Kyrie Irving's extension?

Kyrie's update on his ankle wasn't quite as positive as Harden's injury update.

Irving added: “It’s been a long road. I was in a lot of pain. I’ve been able to do some rehab. Prioritizing this season,” per YES Network.

Basketball is getting closer and closer.