Terrell Owens is without a doubt one of the best wide receivers in NFL history. In 15 full seasons in the league, T.O. has been named to the All-Pro first team five times, a six-time Pro Bowler, and league-leader in touchdown receptions for three seasons. In this feature, we take a look back at some of the most memorable touchdown dances that only one Terrell Owens can pull off.

Mocking Ray Ray

Ray Lewis is considered to be one of the greatest middle linebackers ever. Primarily expected to stop the run, Lewis has gained the reputation of being a versatile overall defender by extending his game and keeping the top wide receivers in check.

In Week 8 of the Eagles’ 2004 campaign, Owens had a field day against Lewis’ Ravens, posting 101 receiving yards that included finding the end zone late in the fourth quarter courtesy of a Donovan McNabb pass. Owens celebrated by dancing to Lewis’ famous dance to the enjoyment of the Eagles’ faithful.


Get your popcorn ready!

Week 13 of the 2007 season featured a highly-anticipated matchup between two of the top teams in the NFC when Owens’ Cowboys faced Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Both squads delivered the goods and went right at it with Dallas taking a 13-10 lead at the start of the second quarter.

After an Anthony Fasano touchdown, it was Terrell Owens’ turn to find the end zone thanks to a crafty pass by Tony Romo. After momentarily sitting and soaking in the score, Owens found joyous Cowboys fans in the sidelines as the latter offered popcorn to the entertaining wideout. Owens gladly reached out and had a mouthful and celebrated with his teammates.

The popcorn celebration just shows how T.O. can bring out the most entertaining moments in an instant.


The center of attention in Dallas

During Week 4 of the 2000 season, the 49ers went head-to-head against Owens’ perennial nemesis at the time, the Dallas Cowboys. In the NFL, it is considered taboo to willingly stand on the franchise’s iconic star logo. For Owens, it served as the perfect target for his patented touchdown celebrations. 

In his second trip to the end zone, Owens sprinted down midfield to plant the football and spike the ball anew at the star. Cowboys safety George Teague would not have any of it as he immediately charged at Owens, causing a commotion among both teams.

While the Niners won the game, Head Coach Steve Mariucci reprimanded Owens nonetheless by virtue of a one-game suspension.