Adrian Wojnarowski's net worth in 2023 is $6 million. The NBA insider with a knack for setting social media ablaze has become a must-follow on any platform. Let's look at Adrian Wojnarowski's net worth in 2023.

Adrian Wojnarowski's net worth in 2023 (estimate): $6 million

Adrian Wojnarowski

Wojnarowski has gone from a newspaper columnist to the face of NBA coverage on ESPN. Adrian Wojnarowski's net worth in 2023 sits at about $6 million, according to Idol Net Worth.

Wojnarowski was born in Bristol, Connecticut, on March 4th, 1969. He attended St. Bonaventure University, graduating in 1991. In 2022, Wojnarowski was given an honorary doctorate from his alma mater for his work in journalism.

Adrian Wojnarowski's early journalism career

Wojnarowski's career started earlier than most, when he worked for the Hartford Courant while still in high school. His first major job after college came with the Fresno Bee, where Wojnarowski worked as a columnist. In 1997, he started working for The Record in New Jersey. His work with The Record earned Wojnarowski Columnist of the Year honors from the Associated Press in 1997 and 2002.

Around that same time, Wojnarowski became a regular contributor to He published his first book, “The Miracle of St. Anthony: A Season with Bob Hurley and Basketball's Most Improbable Dynasty,” in 2006. The book was a New York Times bestseller.

Adrian Wojnarowski moves on

Wojnarowski left the newspaper industry in 2007, joining Yahoo! Sports full-time. One of his biggest stories was a 2009 article with Dan Wetzel, which tied the Connecticut Huskies men's basketball program to several recruiting violations.

After focusing on the college game, Woj turned himself into one of the best NBA insiders in the business. The classic “Woj Bomb”has been known to set social media ablaze with NBA fans praising any breaking news from the reporter. He infamously abused this power by tweeting NBA draft picks before they were announced, ruining the drama for people watching on TV. In light of complaints, Wojnarowski hilariously started using euphemisms when tweeting picks to not “officially” ruin draft night for the viewers at home.

Adrian Wojnarowski heads to ESPN

ESPN brought Wojnarowski on board before the start of NBA free agency on July 1st, 2017. They signed him to an undisclosed deal for his first contract with the company. However, in 2022, Woj extended his contract, for five years, $35 million. ESPN spent a combined $80 million on contracts with Wojnarowski and NFL counterpart Adam Schefter.

Adrian Wojnarowski's controversial moments

In 2010, Sports Media Watch named Wojnarowski No.1 on the list of Worst of Sports Media 2010, earning that distinction due to an alleged bias toward LeBron James and his reliance on anonymous sources.

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In the same year, the Penguin Group sued Woj for failing to meet a deadline for a book about late college basketball coach Jim Valvano. Woj played it off as a miscommunication between he and his agent and returned the money he received to Penguin Group.

In 2020, Republican senator Josh Hawley wrote a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, questioning the propriety of social justice statements on jerseys. Wojnarowski responded to the email, writing “f*** you” to Hawley. ESPN suspended Wojnarowski for two weeks as a result of his actions.

Wojnarowski's only public knowledge is his career as a reporter. He opts to keep his personal life private, which is a smart move considering the backlash he receives in his position.

Through hard work and dedication, Woj has raised his net worth to heights unimaginable for most sports reporters. If Woj can keep ahead of his competition, it is likely ESPN will offer him an even more lucrative deal when his current contract expires.

Nevertheless, is Adrian Wojnarowski's net worth in 2023 a surprise?